Sunday 23 January 2011

Chris Beverley - a statement

I have known Chris Bev for over a decade.

He is one of the few people in nationalism who every nationalist knows they can fully trust and respect as a fully committed and dedicated nationalist activist.

In the past I have attacked Chris under the direct orders of Nick Griffin.

Griffin even supplied me with a file of documents he had collected concerning Chris to issue to activists and BNP members to attack him during the Sadie Graham fall out.

At the time I did so as I was told to do so.

The news he has been sacked is a disaster for the BNP.

Chris is one of the most loyal BNP activists in the country.

His intelligence, commitment to nationalism and dedication to the party are second to none.

The fact that Andrew Brons has sit so long on the fence as regards Griffin and his pillaging of the party that the fence posts now visibly protrude from his silent mouth, is a source of confusion to many BNP members.

Griffin expelled Brons from the NF before, and his silence now is pathetic.

Some people are saying to me that the only reason Brons is silent is because he has his snout alongside Griffin in the EU pig trough, though I state in my opinion that this is not the case.

I believe he is silent as he cares about his personal legacy in nationalism and doesnt want to split the party.

The fact though that one of his most trusted and loyal friends has now had the Griffin Knife inserted into his back should, if he has any sense of loyalty, force Brons to pull his finger out of his arse and say something about what has been happening in the BNP.

The knife that has been stuck in Chris's back will go into Brons's as soon as Griffin thinks he can get away with it.

I know Andrew Brons is no coward and that he is a true nationalist.

We respect the man for who he is and his dedication to the nationalist cause.

But his silence has been taken by many people as a tacit approval of what Griffin and his cult of sycophants, hafwits and crooks has been doing in the party.

Now Brons must show he understands the meaning of loyalty to a friend and to a man who is a true BNP loyalist and nationalist.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew Brons has known Nick has been after him for a long time, thus, if he keeps silent, it makes it harder for Nick to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Andrew bRONS IS VERY MUCH PART OF THE PROBLEM. It is now obvious he was chosen for the role as MEP over more popular people after his exile fromthe movement after 30 years because Griffin new he was gutless and had balls the size of a hamster.

Anonymous said...

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