Saturday 15 January 2011


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Andraste said...


Latest from the eco-lunatics:

BBC: Climate change caused fall of the Roman Empire!

extant said...

There is absolute no doubt we are past the irreversable infancy of War and as the realisation hits home, we will have serious decades of full on Civil unrest.
There is no stopping it, not until there is a Victor !
But what you must remember is that it is the Establishment scum who are the real enemy , the Muslims are a smoke screen .

extant said...

Proper scum on the following video, Nuke em now-

back row said...

Do not watch this either -

extant said...

weird,the last comment I made was refereing to this that I copied and pasted on one search engine-

Im sure I saw Paul Morris on there !

Then it is this for another search engine-

sick zionist scum !

extant said...

You really shouldnt watch this either

Britain now-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Lee. Very informative, I could listen to Steyn all day, his analysis of what is happening to Europe is absolutely spot-on.