Monday 28 November 2011

Diversity Destroys Communities

Robert Putnam in his book Bowling Alone proved that diversity destroys communities, this finding was also replicated in the British book 'The New East End'.

Immigration is not our strength - Immigration is a national disaster.

Love thy neighbour no more: Disappearance of community spirit as 70% admit they don't know who lives next door

Only 6% say community spirit is strong in their area

51% wouldn't ask neighbour for help

Main reason given for decline is lack of time to meet those in the community
By Rob Cooper

Last updated at 11:31 AM on 28th November 2011

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Margaret Thatcher once said there's no such thing as society and it seems she was right after all.

Community spirit has almost vanished in modern Britain with fewer people prepared to look out for their neighbours or ask them for help, a survey has found.

Gone are the days when people would have homely conversations over the garden fence or nip round to borrow some milk because the local corner shop had shut.

More than half - 51 per cent - said they wouldn't ask their neighbour for help with anything, while 70 per cent admitted they didn't even know any of their neighbours' names. Only 6 per cent said there was a strong sense of community in their area.

Researchers found only a minority had benefited from neighbourly acts such as having their bins put back after collection, the loan of tools or DIY equipment or an offer to tidy their garden

Similarly, only a minority said they'd benefited from neighbourly acts such as
having their bins put back after collection, the loan of tools or DIY equipment or an offer to tidy their garden.

The researchers found the region judged with the kindest people was Northern Ireland.

Scotland, however, was bottom.

Geordies were judged to have the friendliest neighbours, followed by the Irish and those from the West Country. Liverpudlians were rated as the most irritating neighbours.

Motoring matters are no different with only 14 per cent of people willing to ask a neighbour for help with a jump-start if their car battery was flat.

The main reason given for the decline in neighbourly relations was lack of time available to meet those in the community.

The survey of 1,000 people was conducted by used car programme Nissan CARED4, which has just launched a competition aimed at finding unsung heroes who have performed random acts of kindness.

More than 40 per cent admitted that they had never had the chance to speak to those living less than 6ft from their front door.

Nissan CARED4 has also been working closely with the Kindness UK charity, which aims to promote, share and unite kindness every day of the year.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK says: 'Kindness and kind acts, towards people, animals, nature and the environment, are what make the difference between a "me society" and a "we community".'

The survey highlighted people's perceptions of life in the UK, with 83 per cent agreeing that it was a 'kinder place' when their parents were their age.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, you know, of course, that we have Thatcher to thank for the destruction of our society. Major and Blaire simply followed in her path.