Tuesday 15 November 2011

The US Corporate Fascist State

The US Corporate Fascist State is at the moment sending in riot cops to smash the
anti-bankster protests in New York.

The system has taken its mask off and revealed the grinning deaths head of bankster fascism beneath.

Protests dont work.

Demonstrations dont work.

Marches dont work.

Violence doesnt work.

The more violence is used against the system, the stronger it becomes.

Violence is what the system wants, it feeds off it - violence allows it to pass more laws to undermine liberty.

What the system doesnt want is a REVOLUTION THROUGH REASON.

The revolution through reason is the planned creation and construction of alternative systems and structures that take power from the system itself.

For example, instead of putting you money into a bank - put it into a credit union.

Set up a credit union.

Set up a local currency.

Form a local school.

Form alternative social structures in your local community.

I have been working on plans for the revolution through reason for a few weeks.

Keep reading for them.

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