Wednesday 16 November 2011

The National Peoples Party Logo Announced

Image - photograph of two of the new candidates for The National Peoples Party announced by Corsham Crudasers dog called Hitler.

After doing research on the shifty looking dog on the right, it was revealed that the candidate was not in fact a dog but a meerkat who had infiltrated the party.

The candidate was therefore racially impure and expelled from the party. The other candidate, Tickles, on the left is now undertaking a nation wide Woofing tour to drum up support for the party amongst dog communities across the country.

Image - official party logo of the National Peoples Party

With a fanfare of sycophancy and idiotic propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels blush, the British Resistance site has announced the formation of The National Peoples Party - the latest scam from Jim 'The Dairy Maid' Dowson.

The fact that people take the bullshit peddled on the British Resistance site about Dowson and Golding, the Burke and Hare of British Nationalism, seriously shows us that much of the British Nationalist movement truly are retarded.

With its 20 branches, one of which is run by Corsham Crusaders dog Hitler, the party is booming !

So far CC's dog Hitler has recruited a terrier, a poodle and a rottweiler to join the local branch and are hoping to stand a Great Dane for election next year.

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Anonymous said...


What about rock hard keybored warrior bullshit Josef Bolinski and his introverted freaks from his bum lick room lololol.

Anonymous said...

fantastic post, and you have the rip off merchant Dowson off to a tee. The man is a crank and Mr Morris aka the Green Arrow is a fool for being pulled in twice by anti nationalist scammers.

Dowson the plastic terrorist, really is a creep.

Anonymous said...

hilarious Lee, they really are a bunch of con men.

Anonymous said...

You are not really helping

Anonymous said...

will unmark your blog from the bookmarks

Anonymous said...

At present, Britain First are taking funds away from the state backed BNP, so they are doing some good.

Anonymous said...

All Dowson cared about what milking BNP members of their cash, he done great out of it. Now he must be laughing trying to do it again.The man is a parasite, but what makes it more gut churning is the Paul morris groveling hero worship of this money making scam

Adrian Peirson said...

This is well worth a listening to and passing around.

Field McConnell of Abel Danger part 1 of 11

Ade said...

Brian Gerrish on The Bridgend Suicides

Anonymous said...

Zionists subjugating Britain's culture.

Anonymous said...

Did we the British public know that our current Prime Minister was instrumental in the loss of three illegal nuclear weapons?