Tuesday 15 November 2011

Excerpt 2

This a quote from the same character as in the quote below revealing how the war and what happened afterwards marked him psychologically. He has seen the death camps and gulags and now repudiates all human authority as a corrupting influence on the souls of man ;

Those I hate most of all are the lickspittles, arse lickers and self abasers who serve and prostitute themselves to the petty tyrants of our nations.

All those fawning catamite cock suckers and whore cunt sellers who gape wide and willingly for the commandments and perversions of their mocking slave masters.

They all must die, every tyrant and their whores.

Only in their total extinction will mankind experience his true liberation.

Only those who have rejected every law, ideology, god, flag, religion, money and master are truly free.

Obedience to authority is obedience to our slave masters.

The whimper of obedience is the birthcry of slavery and tyranny.

There is a prison of bricks and there is a prison of ignorance.

It is far harder to break out from the latter than the former, for the walls of the first are apt to fall if we so desire, whilst the walls of the latter are self constructed and will keep us in mental chains forever.

The meek will only inherit the earth, after we have murdered the strong.

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