Saturday 4 February 2012

The New Spirituality

There is a spiritual hunger in many people.

The problem is that religions are not spiritual.

Religions are about faith & dogma, not spiritual wisdom & spiritual enlightenment.

The religions of the world are all dying as the era of religion is giving way to an era of spirituality.

Scientific dogmatic materialism is itself a reaction, and mirror, of religious dogmatic anti-materialism.

Both are archaic world views that no longer have any real basis.

Spirituality though allows science and spirit to be reconciled - as an individual who experiences spiritual enlightenment is able to base their experiences on direct evidence - which allows science and spirituality to be linked.

The mental, physical, psychological, social effects of spiritual enlightenment in an individual prove its vailidity on a scientific basis predicated on measurable evidence - and hence transcends scientific materialist dogma that repudiates the divine and religious faith dogma that denies personal enlightenment for dogma and faith without personal experience.

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superplankton said...

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Slubberdegullion said...

Meester Barnes

One example of a many fingered cultural movement

"The important thing is to generate counter information and to occupy the territory. It is fundamental to create a web of supporters other than focusing on elections"