Thursday 3 November 2011

Britain First and the BNP

Is this the sort of politics that Nationalists want to get involved in.

Are Nationalists so stupid and desperate they will march behind people like Jim Dowson and the idiots that control the BNP ?

British Nationalism is a total disgrace.

Led by idiots and crooks and filled with lick spittles that think unconditional loyalty to their bent Fuhrer's = patriotism.

Never in the history of British Nationalism has the movement become so pathetic.

These are supposed to be 'leaders' of the Nationalist movement, a bunch of greedy, idiotic, corrupt egotists and loons who have used the movement for their own ends.

If anyone thinks the BNP or Dowsons Britain First are going to go anywhere after this sordid publicity of kidnapping, ripping off small business, para-militaries, allegations of kidnapping etc etc then they are delusional.

Harrington has even lied to the Tribunal as no court case exists about so called Blackmail with para-militaries as the police threw the case out weeks ago.

So this means Harrington has lied to the Tribunal.

Let the whole movement burn to the ground.

Only then will something better rise from the ashes.

'Blackmail case led to no-show by BNP leader's daughter'

The daughter of British National Party (BNP) leader, Nick Griffin, did not attend an employment tribunal taken in Belfast because she is involved in a court case about blackmail involving Northern Ireland paramilitaries.

BNP representative Patrick Harrington made the claim in his final submissions yesterday to the tribunal taken by a former employee who ran the fundraising centre in Dundonald, east Belfast.

Members of the right-wing party attending the hearing were attacked with a firecracker on their way in to the tribunal at Killymeal House in Belfast by demonstrators.

Mr Harrington told the tribunal that he had “tried everything in my power to persuade” Mr Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer Matthys to attend the tribunal.

“But she is intimidated and involved in a court case of blackmail and an attempt to drive her off the road. A court case involving paramilitary connections,” Mr Harrington said.

The tribunal heard how the BNP fundraising centre in Dundonald — described as “a cash cow” — was closed at the end of last year after a major fallout between fundraiser, Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin. The centre’s former administrator, Marion Thomas (49) from Comber, Co Down, claims unfair dismissal and denied the party’s claims that she was offered relocation to England.

During the tribunal, Mrs Thomas made a number of dramatic allegations against her former employers, including that she was “held against her will” in a van in Comber on 26 November 2010. She described how she returned computer equipment that contained the BNP database and received £7,500 in cash for Mr Dowson outside Tesco in the town.

Mrs Thomas also accused the current party treasurer, Clive Jefferson, of falsifying invoices last year to show suppliers had been paid within the specified time for the Electoral Commission. Giving evidence, Mr Jefferson said Mrs Thomas and Mr Dowson had “fabricated” the allegations.

A tribunal decision is expected in four weeks.

Story so far

The BNP was taken to an employment tribunal by former administrator, Marion Thomas, who claims unfair dismissal. The right-wing party opened a fundraising centre in Dundonald in 2009. The centre raised nearly £2m in one year. The offices were leased to the BNP by Belfast-based businessman, Jim Dowson — Mrs Thomas’ brother-in-law.

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misterfox said...

Lee, I'm convinced griffin is state but one other thing stands outplainly: Both Griffo the Sicko and his daughter are the most stupid people on God's earth. Whoever would cross paramilitaries in Ulster who was not a complete idiot?
Harrington must be popular there. He is openly an IRA supporter! Does he still live in Scotland?

Anonymous said...

GG/Gollum Goyim, aka Anal Crusader, aka CC ALERT

Great vid, but make a special effort to identify the above GG at-

4.26MIN freeze !!

Anonymous said...

The offices were leased to the BNP by Belfast-based businessman, Jim Dowson

The above statement says it all. The pair of them were in it together as a money earner and nothing else.

CS said...

Is Cambridge-trained lawyer Nick Griffin a complete twat, who blew his chances in the last election through sheer incompetence, or is it the case, as I suggest here, that the BNP exists solely to make a mockery of populist politics in Britain and thereby ensure that control of the British state remains firmly in the hands of the lackeys of the corporate oligarchs, the Anglo-US empire and the Con/Lib/Lab Friends of Israel?

misterfox said...

I think Griffin is incompetent Can Speccy, and also selfish and greedy which is why the secret services picked him.

misterfox said...

Lee you are rfight about the state of nationalism. its the ordinary nationalists who will follow anyone that are destroying this country.
The British Resistance are now following the 2 legal geniuses Brian Gerrish and Roger Hayes who have both stated that falling out with blacks and Asians is fighting amongst ourselves. Yet they convince themselves that they will deal with it even though thy are multi racialists!
Its the ordinary nationalists who are destroying this country by promoting people who will only lead them astray again.

CS said...

"I think Griffin is incompetent Can Speccy,"

A fool cleverly managed? Or a clever man acting the fool?

Either way, one could expect Griffin to be motivated by a desire for private gain, for what other reason can he have for making himself the target of relentless abuse from the self-hating, autogenocidal white liberal establishment.

Anonymous said...

I have read the British Resistance blog with growing incredulity for the last few months as Morris turned from being a fine patriot into a trouble-maker who is trying to foment divisions in nationalism.
His attack on Lee in the Paltalk room when everyone else wanted unity was matched yesterday by his cheap and libellous attacks on Andrew Brons. He may not like Brons tactics but that scurrilous attack was meant to cause a deeper split in the movement. I now see why the Welsh BNP hate him and they were right all along and I was naive.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are beginning to wonder at Morris's character judgement. After being Griffin's no 1 loyal dog he is now creeping round Britain First in the same way.
While watching the BBC programme on the doubtful BNP finances, when Dowson's sister in law Marian Thomas claimed to have been kidnapped I wondered where I had heard that before and who was the suspect. A light just came on -