Tuesday 15 November 2011

Excerpt 3

As he has been imprisoned in the gulags, and seen what happens to man in such places , he understands the true nature of slavery ;

The ultimate result of democracy is self imposed tyranny, for democracy transforms people into their own jailers.

In a perfect police state the tyranny of the police and their bloody truncheons are no longer required to demand obedience from the populace, for everyone has been conditioned and trained all through their pitiful lives to self censor themselves.

No man can be free until they have first been taught to recognise the existence of freedom.

A lion born in a cage has no understanding of their true nature.

Therefore the conditioned human drones create a cage of conformity for themselves to exist within, just as an animal will accept a life in cages if a cage is all they have ever known.

An animal born in the wild will never accept capitivity. They will act compliant but if given the slightest opportunity to escape, they will maul and murder their captors and burst forth from their cage, roaring with fierce defiance.

Man on the other hand, mostly accepts his capitivity meekly.

He will lick the boots of his master, herd his children into their schools and force their sons and daughteres to wear the uniforms of their oppressors, so that they too will bow and scrape before their abusers.

Man is born in chains and remains in chains.

Our parents place them upon us and call them laws.

Given a choice between a cage and a bullet, a wild animal is born with the innate nobility to seek the bullet.

Pity not the captured wild animal displayed in a cage, pity the slave that gazes upon it. The former has tasted true freedom, the latter never has.

The conditioned drones of the perfect police state will conform totally to what society expects of them in order to attain the opiate of social status, and in effect they will coerce and control themselves via their own socially inculcated inner fascist dictator.

Just as the tame lion in the circus will perform tricks for food, the masses will learn to love the whips that scrouge them.

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Anonymous said...


First time I've posted on this blog but I have enjoyed previous posts as you write well.

I have to say that I truly enjoyed the writings of the Russian soldier, no doubt some poor bastard roped into the socialist cause of mass warfare and wanton destruction.

He says: "The ultimate result of democracy is self imposed tyranny, for democracy transforms people into their own jailers."

Incredibly true. In fact any society that has any form of state that 'governs' is. Democracy is a sham, sold to the general public through the constant indoctrination of it via the controlled political, educational and media establishments. Democracy was set up by the banking elites who saw that firstly they needed a way to stop people revolting and secondly to create nothing but a smokescreen while they got on with their agenda of creating a one world socialist state and of course continuing plunder of the public purse.
People truly believe that we have the vote in the UK to make this place a better place for all. We have a vote. We can elect politicians, but when one looks at the overall picture, these politicians, upon entering westminster, do whatever they desire, that is what their puppetteers want them to do and there is no law to stop them doing so. The people, continue to elect controlled politicians into power and still wonder why this country is a shithole, with continuing warfare (a thirty year brake from WW2 but we've been at war since 1985 in the middle east), continuing high unemployment, high immigration, cultural destruction, minority control over the majority, a corrupt law system, incredible prejudice of non whites and homosexuals over whites and heterosexuals......

I often use the analogy of the horse born in the stable who knows no outside. It knows no freedom other than its captivity and the piece by the soldier was written how long ago?
Nothing ever really changes other than technological advances. The reality still continues, that people's lives continue to get worse, they continue to get poorer while the rich richer, only today, unlike in the past, man was a bit more wilder and complained about the status quo.

No one complains anymore. They've accepted their servitude. They've submitted.