Monday 7 November 2011

Well Done Adrian Davis

This morning in Court 74 of the Royal Courts of Justice, Lord Justice Ward dismissed Nick Griffin and Simon Darby's application for leave to appeal in the Decembrist case.

Griffin and Darby's counsel accepted that this is the end of the road. The £45,000 that had previously been paid into the Court Funds Office is today being paid out to the solicitors for the Decembrist defendants. Kenny Smith et al. now simply await the "taxing" of the overall costs, which in December 2010 stood at c.£111,000.

In addition to any further costs incurred this year, and of course their own costs, Griffin and Darby will have to pay 8% interest (calculated from last December).

Lord Justice Ward expressed pity for the barrister who had drawn the short straw of having to represent Griffin and Darby:
"You've done very well. I'm unimpressed, I'm afraid. It's not your fault."

He concluded:
"None of the arguments are substantial enough to give a realistic prospect of success. I see no realistic prospect of success and I dismiss the application."

Griffin and Darby were foolish enough to commence this action in February 2008, and I well recall their hubris when I met them in court early that year. (The last occasion I met Nick Griffin, as it happens.) They (and their trusting donors) must now pay the price of that folly – and it will be a very high price.

Despite further hubristic predictions on internet forums (even in recent months) the Welshpool cabal has been comprehensively outmanoeuvred by the Decembrist legal team, represented in court by barrister Adrian Davies.

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London Tone said...

They [Griffin et al](and their trusting donors) must now pay the price of that folly – and it will be a very high price.

More like "They and their remaining donors"

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

I bet the begging letters have been printed and are whinging their way to members as we speak. The man has no morals at all and has wasted our big chance of saving the nation.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Davis of Freedom Party fame?