Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Duwayne Brooks File

Looks like the state have been protecting Duwayne Brooks to ensure his 'evidence' in the Lawrence Trial was not undermined by his having a serious criminal conviction.

The Duwayne Brooks file:

October 1993 Surrendered voluntarily to Bexleyheath police station, where he was charged under section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act, relating to an allegation of violent disorder at a British National party march. Eventually the proceedings were stayed on December 13 1994 after the judge ruled an abuse of process. The judge had invited the CPS to discontinue the case earlier, but it refused to do so.

May 27 1998 Police requested an interview about an allegation of kidnapping at Catford station. He was bailed until July 23 when police announced that they were taking no further action.

July 8 1998 Stopped under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the City of London. Searched and arrested for possession of a knife and theft of a credit card. Bailed from the police station and when he returned on August 4 was charged with possession of an offensive weapon. The action was discontinued in September.

July 4 1999 Stopped by police in in his car, which was searched. A photocopying tool was found (he works as a photocopying engineer). Police alleged it was an offensive weapon and charged him with possession of a bladed article. They also found credit cards and chequebooks in the car and he was arrested for handling stolen goods. He was bailed to appear before Tower Bridge magistrates. The case was discontinued on August 3.

August 17 1999 Arrested in Peckham, south London, for taking and driving away a car and threatening behaviour. Taken to Peckham police station and bailed until August 6, when police notified him that they were taking no further action.

September 16 1999 Arrested and charged with attempted rape and indecent assault. Originally refused bail by police and court. Finally bailed on September 29 on condition he resided in Birmingham. At his committal hearing on November 5 police announced they had dropped the charge of attempted rape. An Old Bailey judge threw out the case as an abuse of process.

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Rijker said...

Now it comes out at last.

Brooks was a coppers nark and drug dealer like Saint Stephen. Its likely Saint Stephen confronted Brooks about narking before he was stabbed.

Anonymous said...

Police did exactly the same to me in 2004.

I was attacked by a nutcase brandishing a knife outside my home and defended myself by punching him to the floor.
When I punched his hand went back and he stabbed himself in his face with his own knife .

I was on my own with my wife, he was with 10-14 men.

I defended myself and my wife from a knife wielding maniac who had previous weapon offences..

My arrest was infront of my children who were 5 and 9 years old at the time, several police forced me to the floor, handcuffed and muscled me into the back of a police van. Then I had 2 days in the cells compliment of bent Police working for "the collective Community interests"

Over 12 months the court case went on and the Police colluding with CPS on behalf of a communist bent MP deliberately with held the evidence of the maniacs previous convictions.

As above, his convictions were numerous, including several weapon offences, cruelty to animals and so on.

Only when a high court recorder, "note independent Judge" ordered the previous convictions or he would drop the whole case.

The Police had to pay my £15,000 costs.

2 weeks later on behalf of the filthy scab Commie Traitor MP they tried to get an ASBO on me. The case went on for 12 months and once again the scum failed.

All because I got in the way of the Communitarianism (open societies)project at Rudry Parish HAll Caerphilly

Here is the news on the case-


Now listen to me carefully folks, if we don't get our shit together, we will have absolutely no recourse by the end of this year at the latest.

When they installed this almost identical system in Russia, it cost Russia 75-110 million lives.

Start working toward unity of cause now or we will exist under a communist dictatorship and so will our children.

Anonymous said...

Scumbag Brooks probably killed Lawrence himself.

If the white guys 2 guys were not convicted the blacks would have rioted again and the old bill would be too scared to do anything about it for fear of the 'institutionalised racism' claims that would ensue.

Put bluntly miscarriages of justice will now be commonplace to pander to black 'sensitivities'


Anonymous said...

There was only one stab wound, yet the police are saying they are still investigating 3 other suspects. How can five men be guilty of murder?

Lee - there's an anomaly in your article - you say Brookes was arrested on 19th August 1999 and bailed until 6th August! How so?

Anonymous said...


John in Birmingham said...

I tried to get a bet on that they would be found guilty, alas nobody would take my money. There was no way that the judge and the establishment were going to let a "not guilty" verdict besmirch our beautiful multicultural society. England's pleasant land where the ethnic community can do no wrong and the indigenous population are rabid racists one and all.

Anonymous said...

'There was only one stab wound, yet the police are saying they are still investigating 3 other suspects. How can five men be guilty of murder?'

The legal idea is known as 'joint enterprise' and has been around for yonks.

I'd be interested in the sources of LBJ's information but I doubt he'll play ball. It's a bit depressing when you don't know who and what to trust.