Friday 6 January 2012

UPDATE For British Democracy Tards

Just had a read of the comments on the British Democracy Forum re my article below about BNP Ideas.

To be frank I couldnt give a flying fuck what any of the collection of window lickers on the BDF site think, but for the sake of clarity I will just say - if you dont believe the story below about the lies / duplicity of the BNP Ideas cabal, then ask ;

Peter Mullins

Simon Bennett

Peter Stafford

Michael Wood

They will all confirm that the story is 100 % correct.

How does it feel now you mugs - whilst your 'heroes' were lying to your faces they were all plotting behind your back !


Their attacks on the British Freedom Party are motivated solely by spite and chagrin.

And you fools think you can trust any of them.

Havent you mugs learnt since the Eddy Butler debacle.

Butler was leaking information from the BNP EC for years and passing it on to the Left in order to damage the party.

We narrowed it down to about three people, and after the English Democrats plotting came to light it was obvious it was Eddy Butler who was passing the information on to Sharon Ebanks who then published it on her site to undermine Griffin and the BNP.

She was as used by Butler as much as the BNP Reform Group were also used by him.

She thought she was getting revenge on Griffin - when in fact Butler was using her ftor his own ends to destroy the BNP to benefit the English Democrats.

We all knew he was the leak but couldnt prove it.

It was only after he destroyed the BNP that it was revealed that he had been working with the English Democrats against the BNP with Steve Uncles in secret for TWO YEARS before the slplit with the party.

Dont believe me - go and ask Michaela McKenzie what she knows about Eddy Butler and the English Democrats.

She took notes at meeting with Eddy where he was plotting to destroy the BNP - and was shocked by what she heard !

Dont believe me - go and ask her.

Your 'heroes' like Butler / Kemp are all mirror images of each other - Old School Bent as a Nine Bob note, corrupt to the core, back stabbing egotistical bastards.

They have the same old fashioned factionalist nationalist mindset that has corrupted and contaminated nationalism for a generation - and yet you still lick their feet like idiot lap dogs.

I dont know who is more pathetic - them or you.

As for me leaving the British Freedom Party - I left for two reasons.

1) to concentrate on writing novels

2) Because I did not want to work with the EDL who I believe are run not by Tommy Robinson but by a cabal of Zionists like Alan Lake and Chris Knowles.

I am a British Nationalist.

I dont bow my fucking knee to Islamism, Zionism, America or Israel.

Any group that I believe is run by Zionists is a group I wouldnt piss on if it was on fire.

When the British Freedom Party Executive Council took a democratic vote to merge with the EDL and it was passed by a majority vote, then as a democrat I had to accept the decision.

Hence I chose to not renew my membership of the party or stand for re-election on the EC of the party.

The British Freedom Party was designed as a constitutional democratic party and hence any decision passed in a democratic manner has to be respected.

Whilst the majority of the EDL lads are all good blokes and dedicated 100 % solely to the fight against Islamism, I believe that the leadership is Zionist to the core - and hence what I regard as political poison.

Any leadership of the EDL that links the EDL to the Jewish Task Force and Jewish Defence Force, Roberta Moore and Chris Knowles and the Centre for Vigilant Freedom - is an organisation I wouldnt touch with a barge pole.

The British Nationalist struggle is to get British Nationalists into power - it is not to get Zionists into power.

I wish the BFP all the best, but I wont have anything to do with it as long as the present EDL leadership remain in place and the party does not abandon any contact with Alan Lake and those people who have been linked to Anders Breivik.

I am a British Nationalist - not a Kosher Nationalist.

That is my opinion on the issue - hence I no longer remain a member of the party.

I also believe that any political party will not win power unless the methodology I defined in the article below is undertaken first, hence politics is itself a total waste of time until the foundations of a future political victory have been secured.

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Anonymous said...

European Freedom Initiative

CS said...

Don't know nuffin 'bout the shenanigans behind the activities of the nationalist groups in Britain, but it's pretty obvious that parties led by twats such as Griffin and Tommy Rotten Lennon, or whatever he's calling himself nowadays, are designed to self-destruct, while leaving their naive adherents tarred as racist, facist, far-right-extremist thugs for opposing the genocide of their own people by mass immigration.

Clever innit.

But the scam's becoming increasingly obvious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee!
Hope you had a great New year 's Day. Are you on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Lee, one thing that can be said about you is that you are honest,and reading this article i must say i admire your honesty in saying why you cannot stay with the BFP.
Have they not got any brains?
Or, was it as most people suspect, money orientated led by Simon Bennett?