Wednesday 4 January 2012

The Lawrence Case - my observations

The Lawrence Two Stalinist show trial is one of the worst miscarriages of justice in British legal history.

In an attempt to rewrite history the Telegraph itself peddles lies.

For a whole year the police had bugs and cameras hidden in the house of the Lawrence suspects.

It recorded them being racist, violent and abusive and talking about murdering people - but it never filmed them / taped them mentioning any involvement with the Lawrence murder.

In fact when they talked about the Lawrence murder they expressly refuted any involvment in it at all ;

That knowledge could sum up statements made by some of the men who attempt to distance themselves from Stephen's murder.

During an apparent discussion about the Lawrence case, Neil Acourt says: "I fancy they've had a crack deal me self [sic]."

Norris replies: "Yeah came down to get a bit of toot or something or had a bit of crack, it's all gone wrong, the c---'s" got knackered up and all of a sudden four innocent people are getting done for it."

Norris adds: "Every time it comes on the news the real people are sitting laughing their nuts off."

Luke Knight adds: "Thinking they've got away f------ scott free."

"Yeah," Acourt adds. "They're definitely doing that."

The only evidence against them was DNA evidence which even the prosecution admitted could have come from contaminated evidence.

It could also have come from planted evidence, having been left hanging around for twenty years.

There was no identification evidence from a witness of the attack.

Duwayne Brooks evidence contradicted his first evidence at the initial trial.

The only reason why the Lawrence suspects were marked as involved in the case was a series of anonymous phone calls from members of rival gangs in the Eltham area at the time of the attack - which the police believed even though not one of the people who tipped off the police even came forward as a witness.

This case is a scandalous and grotesque charade, a show trial for venal liberals and their media attack dogs.

There is no justice when the real killers walk free - and the media are complicit in this case as much as they are complict in the myriad other miscarriages of justice throughout British history that were caused by meda interference and villification of suspects.

Its time the media were muzzled in criminal cases - there was no way the Lawrence Two could ever have had a fair trial as result of the media villification - and the ongoing harassment and villification of the other Lawrence suspects shows us how the media are the enemies of justice and the lackeys of miscarriages of justice themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Another great article mate. The way in which the media has conducted themselves over the years since the SL murder has been nothing short of disgraceful and as such the men involved in the case whether guilty or innocent could never have received a fair trial. I would be expecting an appeal! KD

Anonymous said...

You're right in that this was a show trial with character assassination led by the media. Being horrible, holding what the establishment seek to establish as outlawed views are not in themselves justification for reaching such a verdict. If you want a racist attack, consider the Kriss Donald murder! One of those Islamic scum murderers was on early release from a prison sentence at the time of the killing!

Ignored mostly by the media, amnd we don't see milllions upon millions spent on highlighting the appalling anti-white attitudes and arrogance of mnost non-white communities by the etablishment.

Anonymous said...

And so the witch-hunt continues...

The Daily Mail leads the charge today with a campaign to bring the others to 'justice'...

Whatever happened to these peoples 'right to family and private life' which the human rights act is always banging on about?

Oh sorry they are not convicted foreign criminals are they!!!

The media seem to be able to vilify who they please now, thats how they'll have to get their kicks I suppose now that they have been caught hacking phones etc.

Death to the media and all who work for them!