Tuesday 3 January 2012

Tory Stalinism In Action

The Tory Stalinists embrace Socialist methodology - reward the scum in our estates who cause trouble with a shower of money.


..A £200 million package to help turn around the lives of Britain's most troubled families has been unveiled by employment minister Chris Grayling.

The outreach programme will be delivered by a mixture of public, private and voluntary organisations which will be paid by results.

Focusing on households with at least one member on benefits, the scheme will complement work by local authorities to help the 120,000 most dysfunctional households in the country.

Prime Minister David Cameron last month announced £448 million for councils to send in trouble-shooters to such families over the next four years.

The latest initiative, based on the same principles as the payment-by-results Work Programme, is designed to help people acquire the skills to find work and stay in it.

It will also assist with family and parenting issues, money management, alcohol and drug abuse and housing problems.

Eight welfare-to-work companies have been appointed by Mr Grayling to work with councils and more than 200 local organisations, most of which are voluntary or charitable groups.

It will be funded out of money from the European Social Fund.

Mr Grayling said: "This will be a big part of the work we do to tackle the challenge of troubled families.

"The organisations taking part in this programme are staking their own money on their ability to turn the lives of these people around."


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Anonymous said...

The program is simply an attack on the poor as usual, NOTHING Tory about it, Labour had the same plans in the pipeline, the `Tories` have had no input in this at all it will be spread to every family where someone is out of work for whatever reason.

benefits were used to soften the blow of mass immigration as starving people tend to get upset about being replaced.

now the replacement is complete the benefits will be cut with bonuses paid to those who can be the most severe.

charities are nothing more than the corporate arm of goverment pretending to be helping while social engineering for their own benefit, either socially or monitarily.

there is no gamble by any such private companies, they will be given all the power they need to bully and harrass.

if they were really concered about poor non working families they would have stopped immigration and the dekliberate destruction of our industry a long time ago.

what you are witnessing is now the total collapse with NO safty net.

does that mean i supprt problem families, not in the slightest i would like to see the book thrown at antisocal groups that wreak comunities but this program will NOT help any such issues, if that was the agenda then theser issues could have been delt with with ease, simple fines and eviction, which predicatbly enough are rarely used when there is such a need and the fabric of society predictably breaks down, call the police regarding any such issues and they will tell you they are virtually powerless, yet millions were spent on signs detailing on the spot fines for dropping gum! yeah a real priority that, as the kids run around laughing with their asbo tags after brutilising a whole neighbourhood, in that NOTHING will change. but the fact is that when there are real problem families almost nothing is ever done, this is more about money than any social solution.

the social situation has deliberately been fostered to create feral brainless masses, the state now simply wants to cut of the money supply in order to make EVERYONE destitute and at the mercy of the corporates.

it may well trigger unrest in inner cities but then now that the british have been almost wiped out and weakend, they now know and have always planned that the masses will simply fight amoungst themselfs as destitution for all is assured over the next few years while those implimenting it get rich of the misery.

the real benefit of mass immigration!

destitution for all, not third world countries but a total third world, brutal uncaring and fascist.

so lets forget the `tory` nonsence, also remember Labour supported the destruction of tghheir cornerstone or at least which they like to claim, affordable council housing for life.

once again handed over to `charities` where those on the boards get fat saleries while they carry out their destuctive and undemocratic unaccountable social engineering for their bosses.

So please lets not take the daily mail slant, it is crass, and missleading.

archiver said...

Re: The Saint Stephen verdict:

The Duwayne Brooks file:

All of the following can be verified via google web search.

October 1993 Surrendered voluntarily to Bexleyheath police station, where he was charged under section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act, relating to an
allegation of violent disorder at a British National party march. Eventually the proceedings were stayed on December 13 1994 after the judge ruled an abuse of process. The judge had invited the CPS to discontinue the case
earlier, but it refused to do so.

May 27 1998 Police requested an interview about an allegation of kidnapping at Catford station. He was bailed until July 23 when police announced that they were taking no further action.

July 8 1998 Stopped under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the City of London. Searched and arrested for possession of a knife and theft of a credit card. Bailed from the police station and when he returned on August 4 was charged with possession of an offensive weapon. The action was
discontinued in September.

July 4 1999 Stopped by police in in his car, which was searched. A
photocopying tool was found (he works as a photocopying engineer). Police alleged it was an offensive weapon and charged him with possession of a bladed article. They also found credit cards and chequebooks in the car and
he was arrested for handling stolen goods. He was bailed to appear before Tower Bridge magistrates. The case was discontinued on August 3.

August 17 1999 Arrested in Peckham, south London, for taking and driving away a car and threatening behaviour. Taken to Peckham police station and bailed until August 6, when police notified him that they were taking no further action.

September 16 1999 Arrested and charged with attempted rape and indecent assault. Originally refused bail by police and court. Finally bailed on September 29 on condition he resided in Birmingham. At his committal hearing on November 5 police announced they had dropped the charge of attempted rape. Yesterday an Old Bailey judge threw out the case as an abuse of

The guilty walk free.