Saturday 19 January 2008

Al Qaeda are THE MYSTERONS says Home Secretary

As per the recent news about the arrest of the blogger Lionheart for anti-Muslim sentiments, I have decided to obey the Home Secretary Jackie Smiths orders and no longer refer to muslims, Islam etc. According to the Home Secretary and the cabal of idiots that advise her, the terrorists are not Muslims motivated by Islam, but they are instead aliens from outer space called the Mysterons.

Therefore the law now says we must refer to them as below ;

Image above - An anti-Islamic terrorist leader of the Mysterons photographed in Bradford. Beware the full moon, when this one walks the earth.

Image above - Osama Bin Laden leader of the Mysterons (and not a Muslim terrorist). You thought that Osama was human - he aint. He is an alien that looks like a human because he has a plastic artificial skin over him. This is him about to have a bath in the noody.

Image below - The new head of MI5 Captain Scarlet. Seeing as the real MI5 cannot discover the terrorists before they blow up our airports and tube trains the government have bought Gerry Anderson puppets out of retirement to fight the alien threat of the Mysterons ( the group that used to be known as Al Qaeda).

Image below - the Home Secretary Jackie Smith as she will be be seen doing press interviews from now on.

I bet George Orwell is pissing himself laughing in literary heaven at the bunch of sad twats that run this country. Joseph Goebbels is nodding his head with approval.


Anonymous said...

Gave me a good laugh, shame there is some truth in what you say!

Anonymous said...

How appropriate to use the image of the Gerry Anderson programmes as our Parliament is full of the puppets of Big Business.