Thursday 24 January 2008

The Flaw in the theory of Mainstream Anti-Jihadism

The main 'public' argument adduced by the opponents of the BNP in the anti-Jihadist camp for excluding any political parties labelled as 'racists' by the Islamists, Marxists, Zionists, conservatives and Liberals (who all agree on their definition of what a racist party is eg anyone that disagrees with them ! ) is that by tainting themselves with the presence of those not anointed by the Far Left as 'acceptable and non-Racist' that this will accelerate the growth and development of a mass anti-Jihadist movement.

This thoery is evidence of the lack of political understanding of these people, and the Amero-Centricism of the anti-Jihadist movement.

American anti-Jihadists are not political as America is not political. In America you either vote Republican, Democrat or throw your vote away.

There is no political opposition in the US - there is only the Tweedledum of the Republicans and the Tweedledumber of the Democrats. Therefore this lack of politics means a lack of political common sense in the anti-Jihadist movement.

In the UK and Europe we 'do politics'. That is we have a variety of political parties that have to CAMPAIGN in communities to get elected.

Therefore we have a far better understanding of the nature of politics, what our communities and citizens think and how our society is developing.

The idea that a 'mass movement' based solely on purist, anti-racist, anti-Jihadism can be deveoped is the theory of the political dilletente. It is pure fantasy island stuff.

In the UK and Europe the word ISLAMPHOBIC was invented specifically to ensure that anti-Jihadism could never become mainstream. As soon as you mention Islam some leftist, liberal or conservative (the very same people the anti-Jihadists seek approval from) screams Islamphobia at you (because they are terrified of being called Islamaphobic themselves if they dont scream Islamaphobia at you).

Being called racist, neo-nazi, Islamphobic, extremist etc etc are the ultimate insults in the UK and Europe.

Even paedophiles look down on those called racists or islamphobes.

In the UK there exists a pro-paedophilia campaign group who get better press than the BNP from the far left trades unions.

The way the press treat the BNP is the exact same way they will treat any anti-Jihadist movement.

As soon as the anti-jihadist movement appears it will be attacked and its supporters smeared as racists, extremists etc - regardless of their race or politics.

Whoever said the media HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH !!!!

Anti-Jihadism will be equated with racism / Islamphobia / hate / extremism even if it isnt.

In the Royal Navy you can be a practising Satanist on board a Royal Navy ship, but if you are a member of the BNP you will be thrown out of the Royal Navy.

( )

Worshipping Satan is more acceptable in the UK then being in the BNP.

If you were found out to be a member of anti-Islamist group then you would be thrown out of your jobs for doing so. Political Corrctness is the New Fascism.

Therefore the idea that a mainstream anti-Jihadist movement will ever exist is pure nonsense.

It is just an excuse for the leaders of the US anti-Jihadist movement to ensure those organisations that are NATIONALIST as opposed to pro-Zionist are excluded from the movement.

The idea that citizens of the UK would form, join and march simply on the issue of anti-Jihadism is pure solipsism. It is navel gazing purism of the most infantile kind.

Anti-Jihadism has to be part of a political movement whose goal is NATIONALIST, in that it seeks to put the interests of the NATION first before all other factors - and that includes the support of Israel and kowtowing to the Pro-Israel lobby groups.

This is the final sticking point, the fly in the ointment.

The anti-Jihadists really do believe that the issue of the Global Jihad (as opposed to paying the mortgage, food bills, energy costs, house prices, crime, the NHS, mass immigration, schooling etc etc ) are what keep people awake at night.

The issue of Jihad is not mentioned EVER in any of the polls about what people are concerned about and what they are voting about.

It is an issue that obsesses the intellectual anti-Jihadist elite but that is irrelevant to the masses.

The masses dont like Islamism. but they want THE POLITICAL PARTIES THEY ELECT to deal with it for them - they dont want to deal with it themselves as they know they will be called racist/Islamphobic etc and villified for it.

Therefore the whole basis of the theory that anti-Jihadism can become a mass movement is bogus.

Either the leaders of the anti-Jihadist movement are deluded or they are just so out of touch with POLITICAL reality that they really believe their own nonsense.

It is about time the anti-Jihadists woke up and realised this ;


Spitting in the face of the BNP just because we are NATIONALISTS as opposed to pro-Zionist sock puppets is the surest way to social oblivion for the anti-Jihadist (non)Movement itself.

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