Wednesday 23 January 2008

Genes and Culture and the New Zionists

The recent events with Robert Spencer have awakened me to an issue that has had very little attention, this being The New Zionism.

Unilke the old style of Zionism, which was an aspiration of the Jewish peoples of the world for a national Jewish homeland, the New Zionism is neither Jewish nor nationalist.

It is based on the eschatology of the Christian Fundamentalists and concerns a theological climax where the risen Christ will return and either convert the Jews of Israel to Christianity or slaughter them all.

In America the political system is dominated by two blocs, this being the pro-Israel lobby groups and the Christian Fundamentalist lobby groups. Both wield vast power and it was their influence which allowed George Bush to wage his neo-conservative war for oil with their support (and also to appease the rising Third power and lobby bloc in the US which is Saudi Arabian economic bloc which supplies the US with its oil and which funds both Republican and democratc political campaigns and organisations linked to candidates in those elections).

Whilst the Christian Fundamnentalists whipped up public support for the war, the Jewish pro-Israel lobby used their power and influence in the media to propagandise the war in the US media. Whilst the left like to demonise George Bush, they remain silent about the role the pro-Israel media and Christian Fundamentalists had in acting as the 'drummers' for the War In Iraq.

The funny thing about the New Zionists is that the Jewish community in the US, which has always been mainly leftist in attitude, is now in a large part firmly anti-Zionist, same as in the United Kingdom.

It is only the non-Jewish, Christian Fundamentalists and Neo-Conservatives who are the main supporters of Israel.

This brings us neatly to the issue of race and culture. The Bush adminstration invaded Iraq as the Neo-Conservatives believe that they can export democracy to the world and this idea is the basis of their global project to 'fight the war on terror and democratise the Middle East'.

The flaw in this is quite clear and the example of the Jewish people is an apt lesson. Wherever in the world the Jewish people have lived throughout history they have retained their identity, heritage and culture. They have lived in many, many nations and always remained Jewish both in terms of identity and culture. Once Israel was created it became naturally a jewish state with a Jewish identity and Jewish cultures. The 'democracy' of Israel was built by Ashkenazi jews of mixed European and Jewish blood and culture. Therefore democracy took root in Israel as it was rooted in the genes of the people that built Israel.

The same thing happened when the British Empire was built as the British emigrants re-created their own British culture in foreign lands they settled in. The Irish did it in America as did the Italians, the Koreans etc.

Wherever a racial group with a specific culture settle, the re-create their own culture again.

This brings us to the idea that democracy can be exported to the Middle East.

Democracy is a European creation rooted in the genes of Europeans. The Neo-Conservative idea that it can be exported is based on an assumption that genes and culture are not linked in any way which has been proved throughout history to be a baseless theory.

Therefore the Neo-Conservative project will fail.

Seeing as the ideological guru of the Neo-Conservatives was Leo Strauss, a Jewish emigre to the US, then the neo-cons of the Bush administration must have been aware that the propaganda about 'exporting democracy' was bogus as the very fact that their guru retained his Jewishness when he came to America was direct proof that race, genes and culture are linked.

Strauss was Jewish in Germany both in terms of his self identifcation of himself as Jewish both by blood and culture, and also Jewish in America both in terms of his self identification of himself as Jewish by blood and culture.

Therefore the idea that genes and culture are not linked was bogus from the beginning.

Transplant the individual and you also transplant with them their culture.

Even the Communist experiment in China and Russia could not erase this inbuilt genetic and cultural wiring in individuals. The Communists spent 70 years using the communist jackboot, gulags, Laogai and machine guns to erase all knowledge of genes and culture in the people they conquered (The Lamarkian genetic theory was itself an attempt to disengage genes and culture with an nurture not nature theory of human development) and they failed.

The Communists prohibited all forms of ancestral identity, brainwashed the masses from birth with communist theory and created a monolithic Communist culture to replace ethno-specific cultures and national identities.

A 100 million dissidents were slaughterd in order to ensure that all notions of identity and culture were eradicated.

Yet as soon as the Communist regimes in Europe collapsed, the ancestral identities of those peoples and their ancestral cultures sprang forth once more.

Old national identities were reclaimed, ancestral cultures recreated and the old hatreds between them all were rekindled.

If the Communists with their gulags, mass killings and brainwashing could not destroy the link between genes and culture then what idiot in the Bush adminstration thought they could !!!!

People such as Robert Spencer on Jihad Watch are guilty of the most disgusting disingenousness when they say that genes and culture are not linked and that universal human rights must replace the reality of genes and cultures.

They are either idiots or liars.

Robert Spencer is simply a neo-conservative tool of the New Zionists and the Pro-Israel bloc in the US.

Universalist values such as the concept of universal human rights translate eventually into a repressive universal world government, a universal global culture based on consumerism that will kill the eco-sphere of the planet, a universal economic system that destroys national control over internal social development and turns individual human beings into dehumanised abstract entities. Individuals become defined not by who they are, but simply by the collection of rights they are given, may possess and may claim. Government degenerates from the defence of nation, culture, environment and people into the defender of abstract rights whilst liberty becomes simply a collection of meanigless rights ( most of which are only able to be claimed via the legal system at vast expense which ensures only the rich have any real and meaningful rights ). National cultures become homogenised globalised consumer cultures where the values and culture of all nations converge to a mean that is neither freedom nor cultural in any way. National control over the economic system is denuded as the concept of 'economic justice' is linked with Globalism via the WTO and the UN etc and rampant destruction of the national environments of the planet destroys the planet.

But the fact is that this repressive system based on the theory of universal rights for all will fail, just as the Communists failed.

The Communist plan of 'Universal Brotherhood' of the Communist International was as asinine and insane as the Neo-Conservative plan for the democratisation of the planet. The Neo-Conservatives are truly the heirs of the Trotskyites.

In the real world the only universal truth is that genes and culture are linked and no amount of ideological nonsese, invasions, mass murders and plastic democracies will change that fact.

We are who we are and no ideology can change that.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding free speech and Jews, a Canadian Jew, Ezra Levant is facing his Canadian Inquisition Odds and ends

... The left-wing Canadian Jewish Congress, the special-interest lobby group most responsible for criminalizing speech in Canada, is obviously feeling some political heat because of what they have wrought. Their figurehead co-presidents ... wrote a muddled column called "Some human rights complaints are frivolous". ...

In other words, the concept of a "pre-crime" is still fine by them. No-one has to be exposed to hatred or contempt for someone to be found guilty. It just has to be "likely" that could happen. And hatred or contempt -- emotional feelings -- are enough. The CJC doesn't even think that a discriminatory act is necessary for a conviction. They support the notion of thought crimes.

What an embarrassment the CJC has become. Essentially they are pleading for Steyn and I as special cases. Is it because I'm a Jew and Steyn sounds like he might be, too? Is it because we're being sued by Muslim fanatics? ...

The CJC's op-ed will be seen as nothing but more proof for anti-Semites and neo-Nazis who claim -- with historical and statistical validity -- that the hate speech provisions are a tool used mainly by secular, leftist Jews to punish their anti-Semitic critics. ...

Offensive and anti-Semitic free speech didn't kill the Jews during the Holocaust. Murderous men did, and they only did when real rights and freedoms were destroyed -- the right to property; the right to life; the right to equality before the law; mobility rights; freedom of religion; freedom of association. Violent acts killed the Jews, not "feelings" of "contempt". How revolting that the official Jews now propose limiting real rights and freedoms in the vain hope that will stop people from feeling "hatred" for them. I'm no anti-Semite, but if I'm anything to go by, the CJC, and the other supporters of these unconstitutional laws are the ones engendering feelings of contempt. ...

He also links to a supposed internal report of his inquisitor from Iowahawk which must surely rate some form of award, genuine or not.