Monday 21 January 2008

Banned By Jihad Watch

It is one of my proudest achievements to have been banned both by Stormfront and Jihad Watch. Accoding to Stormfront I am a 'Jew lover' and according to Jihad Watch I am a 'Neo-Nazi'.

Whilst both trumpet their right to free speech as the basis of their right to exist, each censors any voice that dares question their facile dogma and cant. This is the cowardice of our contemporary world.

It expects blind obedience, not questioning of its cant.

Jihad Watch is a website run by Robert Spencer and David Horowitz, and is primarily a Zionist run anti-Islam website. As we all know David Horowitz is a foaming at the mouth pro-Zionist, and the site is designed to incite hatred against Islamists and to minimise the scrutiny of the Zionists in all our nations.

By Zionists I mean all those who are both Jews and Non-Jews both in terms of religion and race, such as Christian Fundamentalists, that put the interests of Israel before their own nations and who seek to influence UK and US foreign policy for the benefit of Israel and to the disadvantage of our own nations.

I am both an anti-Islamist and an anti-Zionist. I despise both the Jihadists with their goal for a global caliphate and I despise the Zionists who at present have such influence over Britain and Americas internal political development and its foreign policy.

As a nationalist I do not want my country dominated either by Jihadists or Zionists, as to me both are the primary drivers of the carnage and hatred in the world. They both feed off of each other in a diabolical dialectic that is drowning the world in blood.

I say ' Keep Islamism and Zionism in the Middle East where it belongs - and please fuck off back to the Middle East as soon as possible ". If the Jihadists and Zionists want to kill each other then there is plenty of deserts in the Middle East for them to do so.

Just dont use my country as proxy killing ground for your centuries long racial and religious war.

One such example of Zionism as an political force organised for a political purpose in our contemporary societies was the role of the pro-Israel lobbies both in the US and UK in pushing for the both the first Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq.

Not just content with pumping out the fake ' they threw babies out of incubators ' propaganda in the Gulf War, the Israeli lobby and pro-Israel media also pumped out the fake ' 45 minutes to bomb London - fake WMD ' bullshit before the Iraq War.

This was a crime against humanity - an example of the same kind of propaganda that Julius Streicher once published in the nazi paper Der Sturmer in order to justify the nazi invasions of Poland the Europe. Julius Streicher was hung for his pro-war propaganda, in the UK the media propagandists get knighthoods and in the US they get invited onto CNN and Fox news to pump more bullshit into the enfeebled brains of US citizens.

Such is life in our Moronocracies.

Jihad Watch is a site designed to 'control' the anti-Jihadist movement by ensuring the pro-Zionist lobbies and groups in the US control the development of the anti-Jihadist movement itself.

It is a sort of pro-Zionist anti-Islam propaganda site, where the anti-Islamists of the world can attack Islam whilst the issues of WHY Jihadism is growing does not ever mention the following nasty little secrets ;

1) Israels treatment of the Palestinians

2) The power of the Israeli lobby over US foreign policy

3) The domination of the Israeli lobby groups over Washington politics and US electoral system through funding of both Republican and Democrat candidates in elections

4) The power of the pro-Israel lobby groups in the American media that propagandised the Gulf War and the attack of Iraq and that spread the 'fake WMD' propaganda that was the bogus basis of the Iraq War itself.

Its main role as a website is to ensure that the Israeli-Zionist lobby groups can control the development of the anti-Jihadist movement across Europe and the US and thereby ensure that the tricky questions they do not want addressed never get raised in public.

It is a site all about Paradigm Control, and the site seeks to ensure that growing anti-Jihadist movement does not develop into a united and cohesive movement that not only rejects Jihadist and Islamist infulence in our nations, but that also rejects the power of the Zionist lobby groups and pro-Israel lobbies in our nations.

What Jihad Watch wants is for the West to reject Islamism, but to continue to be coerced and manipulated by the pro-Zionists and pro-Israel lobby groups that have such undue influence in our nations.

We all know that the primary lobby group in the US is the loony Christian Fundamentalist 'Jesus will return to Israel' Rapture types and the Israeli lobby groups, and both these groups have an interest in inciting anti-Islamism but minimising the threat from the US and UK public realising that the danger is from Islamism but that the reason why Islamism is growing is because of the foreign policy dcisions of their governments and their unswerving and uncritical support of Israel.

This is why the pro-Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists seek such a tight grip on the development of the anti-islamist movement, as they know that the moment the public begins to ask that one question " Why do they hate us so much " instead of their usual " Why are we putting up with the Islamist terrorists" then that question opens a whole can of worms that they cannot afford to be opened up.

Here is the e mail that banned me from Robert Spencer and here is the link to the thread.

" To whom it may concern:

I am going to ban this fellow Lee John Barnes forthwith, as we have seen enough of his repugnant views, but I have decided not to remove his posts. Since he has stood for office as a BNP member, the repugnant neo-Nazism and antisemitism he has displayed here should serve as a wakeup call for all those who come here wanting to defend the BNP on anti-jihad grounds.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a game Maoists play. Defenders of Western civlization, and of all that is humane in the world, should not be so willing to become like that which they are fighting in order to defeat it.

Robert Spencer "

Posted by: jihadwatch at January 21, 2008 12:57 PM

It is to my immense satisfaction that I was banned after just four posts.

For all those such as myself that are NATIONALISTS, we must oppose not just the Islamist threat but also the Pro-Israel lobby groups that have such influence and control over our nations and our foreign policies.

Nationalism is not about attacking Islamism whilst allowing the greasy Zionists to slime their way into power over us.

Unless we control our own political and national destiny then we have already lost.

I have no hatred for Arabs and Muslims, I have been to Arab and Muslim nations and have seen they are just people like us and in many ways they have a more admirabe attitude to family and kin than we do in the West. I also have no hatred for Israel and the Jewish people, in fact I have admiration for their toughness and fortitude and their history of standing up for themselves against all odds.

But I am a British nationalist first and foremost - and their wars are not my wars.

The place for Zionists is Israel not Britain.

The Zionists and their political influence must be excised from our nation and from our political nsystem, just as the Islamists and the terrorists must be excised from our countries.

Unless we start to put the interests OF OUR OWN PEOPLE AND COUNTRIES FIRST then what is the point of fighting Islamism if we are falling into the trap of domination by Zionist and pro-Israel lobby groups.

Both Zionism and the Jihadists must be resisted and removed from any positions of power in British and US soceity.

The terrorist threat from Jihadism is as much a danger to our national democracies as the threat posed by the pro-Israel lobby groups. Both are anti-democratic forces with the interests of their respective agendas taking precedence to the interests of our nations.

So Mr.Spencer you and the rest of the brainwashed Zionist sock puppets that despise Jihadism but who are willing to blindfold themselves about the pro-Zionist and Pro-Israel lobby groups that threaten the democracies of our nations can go screw themselves.

We see you for what you are - propagandists and manipulators with an pro-Israel and anti-US and anti-UK agenda.

You want to keep us mired in your petty little dirt and religious wars in the Middle East.

We will end all influence that both Zionism and Islamism have in our society - we stand for a free , fair and impartial Britain not a slave to either Islamism or Israel.


Anonymous said...

And no doubt you don't censor any of the comments here - that's why you have comment moderation on!

Paul said...

No different to the BNP Forum. Controlled by muppets!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Lee!
Hate no one just love our own better (the way others do)
We've been dragged into the Balkans and the Middle East by dark forces on both sides and our homeland is undefended against enemies bedded in deeply on our own soil.
Roll on a BNP government.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Lee, I just happened to read the comments about this Jihad Watch debate and I must confess that I also start thinking that there's something a bit strange in the so-called counterjihad movement...

American bloggers seem so worried about the hijacking of this movement by EuroFascists, but I can't help thinking that it's being hijacked by Jewish/Jewish-friendly Americans.
I mean, they are quite obsessed with the hole Israel issue, they're obsessed with WWII and "6 millions died... beware of bad Euro folks! They're going do it again!!"

I don't know wheter they are more paranoid or more narcissistic.
Probably both.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile pam geller and robert spencer have their tounges up the EDL's arses and have just been made "leader of the stop the islamisation of america". we don't need those Zionist pair of wankers to lead us.
spencer and geller have fought tooth and nail to become the USA leaders of the anti jihad movement and have used every dirty trick in the book to get their way, from smear tactics, labeling everyone who gets in their way as Nazis, racists and neo fascists. Their blogs are heavily censored and any poster whom they dont agree with is deleted asap and then slandered.
They both hate the british national party yet support Zionism.
you're in good company Lee, i've been banned many times from both their clique sites and have joined actual serious sites which are more practive in demonstrating anti jihad ideals, such as the tea party movement.