Friday 25 January 2008

Britain First !

The time has come for an honest debate on one of the great taboos of our time, the exploitation of the words 'anti-semitism', racism, xenophobia and Islamphobia by political activists to conflate them with criticisms of Israel, Zionists, Muslims, Islam, Pro-Israel lobby groups and Christian Zionists etc etc.

Let me first state that as a Nationalist I support Israels right to exist, its right to govern its own internal affairs and its right to respond as it sees fit to any external and internal threats to its national security.

But I am first and foremost a BRITISH NATIONALIST who puts the interest of Britain and the British people first at all times.

Democracy and the freedom of association should not be allowed to exist as subversion and treason.

The very presence within the British political system and nation of organised groups whose political loyalties and interests are orientated primarily towards Israel (or towards Germany, France, Alaska, Burma, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea or whatever etc etc) is unacceptable.

Neither is it acceptable to be more loyal to the Pope, the Koran or the Communist International than to the British Nation and the British people.

A British citizen should first and foremost place at all times the interests of the British people and British nation before all other interests or loyalties.

Those that seek to attack loyal and patriotic British citizens on the basis of their being Jews, Christians or Muslims etc are criminals not because they are anti-semites, Christianophobes or Islamaphobes, but simply because THEY ARE CRIMINALS !

The very existence of a pro-Israel Lobby, a Christian Zionist Lobby, a pro-US lobby, the Common Purpouse groups, Islamist groups and a Muslim Parliament of Great Britain are all examples of provocative groups that should be banned from existing within Britain.

Those with British citzenship who put the interests of foreign nations, their religions or their ideology before their loyalty to the British nation and people are not true British citizens.

They are abusing their citizenship rights in order to promote the interests of others first.

Communities should be allowed to work to promote solely the social interests of their respective communities (such as to organise health campaigns and school funding campaigns etc) but not to engage in any forms of political campaigning in the UK.

We have tolerated these interlopers with their exclusivist and treasonous agendas for far too long.

Those that persist in such activities should be stripped of their citizenship rights.

They have used their money, power and influence to usurp and control our national independence and independent foreign policies for far too long.

These groups have pushed for us to get involved in foreign wars, to send British troops to die in far flung battles that are meaningless to the interests of the British people and our national security interests, they have pushed for us to surrender our national sovereignity to supra-national institutions such as the EU, WTO, UN, US and other internationalist organisations and they have caused many peoples and nations around the world to come to hate Britain for what they see as our slavish obedience to special interest groups.

If we have a threat in this country as regards our national security then we demand the British Army are returned home to fight it and destroy that threat. We dont want them patrolling the streets of Baghdad or the foothills of Kabul whilst Islamists are blowing up tube trains in the UK and millions of illegal immigrants and aliens flood through our national borders every year.

The British Army should be at Dover, Tilbury, Heathrow and Gatwick with bayonets fixed and operating x-ray machines to scan every lorry, car and plane for illegal immigrants entering the UK instead of hunting down Al Qaeda in Iraq.

We should have the RAF based in the UK and using their Hercules transport planes and air fleet to deport the millions of illegal immigrants in the UK back to their home countries instead of the RAF being busy dropping supplies to beseiged British troops in Afghanistan.

We should have the Royal Navy searching boats and ship bringing goods for guns, drugs and immgrants coming into the UK not patrolling the sea lanes of Iraq.

We should have the SAS on operations executing and assassinating Islamist terrorists, child smugglers, sex slave smugglers, drug smugglers and weapons importers who bring their vile trade into the UK not tracking down Islamists in Tora Bora.

Nationalism is simply about supporting and working for the best interests of Britain and the British people.

The fact that this is defined as racism / anti-semitism / Islamaphobia / xenophobia etc etc is proof that we are ruled by cabals of traitors.

This very lexicon is the lexicon of the traitors, and therefore all those that use words from this lexicon reveal their treasonous nature.

It is simply treason for any individual to support anything before the interests of the British nation and people.

The time has come for Britons to put Britain First.Those that cannot do that should be deported from the country, and the sooner the exodus of traitors from this nations begins, and the repatriation of the British army back to Britain to secure our national borders begins- then the safer we will all be in our own country.



Anonymous said...

From article:
"The fact that this is defined as racism / anti-semitism..."

Theses types of slurs, propaganda words, are as old as our species. They have no meaning other than weapons against an opposing group.

A propagandist needs a noun for his caricatures of an opposing group.

Since racism has a racial connotation, it is simply a racial slur. And since it is only given to white Gentiles, it is akin to calling a white Gentile a honky or cracker.

A good white Gentile is not a honky, a bad white Gentile, one that discriminates in favor of his racial family, is a honky, a ... racist.

Anti-Semite is another slur word, used against Gentiles who are engaged in group conflict with Jews.

Note, there is no slur defined as an anti-Gentile-ite, or anti-Christian-ite.

Anonymous said...

in the USA a foreigner is not allowed to become president.

i would suggest that anyone not born here at the very least should not allowed to be an MP or a lord in this country or in fact hold any position of political office.

this country would have been very much stronger and more secure had this been implimented many years ago.

in fact i wonder if there is such a law lurking somewhere that is always conviniently overlooked?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Lee and I agree with every word.