Wednesday 9 January 2008

The Monster is born !

Barack Obama is Frankensteins Monster.

The monster was born on the pages of the New York Times and Times magazine just over a year ago with the article that touted him as 'Americas first black president'.

Before this media blitzkreig by a cabal of New York liberals to pimp him to the masses, Barack Obama was not even on the political radar.

He was 20 points behind Hilary Clinton, the antichrist in a dress, in the polls for his being a Democratic candidate for President.

It was only once the New York liberals began to propagandise him specifically as his being ' the future black president' that support for him began to rise.

The entire rise and support for Obama was created by the media. Before the media began to pimp him then no-one, apart from a few arselicking BBC journalists who have been rushing to insert themselves between his arse cheeks for over a year, had even registered who Obama was.

Watching the media fawn over him, pimp him out and propagandise him was an abject lesson in the liberal dictatorship that have hijacked America. The entire liberal elite that infest the media all joined forces to pimp him out.

Though Obama is an ideological desert who has zero policies on which to base his support, the fact is that all he needed was publicity.

Obama is truly the first Plastic Presidential Candidate, the disposable candidate for the consumer age.

What is fascinating is just how stupid his supporters are. On every media interview with supporters of Obama when they are asked " what does Barack stand for ? ", they are all clueless.

The white, blond, liberal female student is asked and just smiles (revealing her ten thousand dollars worth of silver braces), blushes crimson, giggles and blinks beneath the thick lenses of her glasses and then just shrugs.

The white middle aged housewife with the bubble perm, thick rimmed glasses and christmas jumper just shrugs and smiles.

The young black man just shouts 'Obama, Obama', and his white jock mates on the football team clap and go 'whahoo'.

Not one of them can say anything other than Obama stands for 'change'

Yes, thats right 'change'.

The one word that is repeated like a mantra for the morons on the media night after night - 'Change'.

If Obama was frozen, stuffed into a glass case and exhibited in congress for the entire duration of his presidency then things would 'change'.

The fact that so many people in America have reached the level of automatons in a political system so dumbed down that people now vote for a candidate simply because they are told too by the media, then where does that leave America and the world.

I dont want democracy to mean oligrachy, where a handful of journalists on a handful of newspapers owned by a handful of media barons and media corporations control the minds of the masses and the political process itself.

Newspapers should only be allowed to print the news, and all should be barred from campaigning for any politicians or political parties at any time.

Legislation should be enacted that restricts the role of the media in the modern society to simply entertainment, advertising and news reporting.

Any newspaper that interferes in the political process should be prohibited from publication.

Democracy must be defended not just against tyrants, but against all those that threaten nthe democratic process itself.

The situation at present is strangely analagous to that of Frankensteins Monster.

Frankenstein creates the monster, just as the media create the politician.

Frankenstein gives the creature life through energy shocks, just as the media give life to a politician through the publicity they give them and the media blitz they unleash.

The monster must do as Frankenstein demands, just as the politician must do as his media masters tell him, for if he refuses the command of his master then the publicity is withdrawn.

If the monster disobeys, then the monster is exiled.

Unlike Frankensteins monster there is no escape for the Monsters made by the media.

They live or die at the whim of their masters. As soon as they pull the plug on the publicity, the monster becomes just a ghost.

The recent attempt by the American pollsters to support the campaign of Obama by predicting his victory in the New Hampshire primaries was an example of how the media are now actively seeking to dictate how an election is decided before the first vote is even cast.

This was a clear example of a media coup d'etat where the New York liberals and their fellow media travellers in the guise of 'independent pollsters' sought to manufacture a victory for Obama.

In other times we would have called this what it was, insurrection.

This was the organised attempt by a political minority to usurp the democratic process itself.

Once in Americas history such men would have been traitors, now they are called journalists.

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Anonymous said...

"What is fascinating is just how stupid his supporters are. On every media interview with supporters of Obama when they are asked " what does Barack stand for ? ", they are all clueless."

It appears that since you are on the other side of the Atlantic, you only have access to what a biased media is feeding you. I encourage you to communicate with Obama supporters so that you may rid yourself of these untruths.

And I say this with the utmost humbleness.