Thursday, 4 November 2010

Coppers - Channel 4 Documentary.

For those who watched the Channel 4 documentary Coppers the other night will be relieved to know that Danny Mcintyre, star of the recent Channel 4 documentary is not dead and was seen today in the hi-tech Chatham shopping centre The Pentagon.

He was sitting on a stool in the middle of the main plaza surrounded by three Pentagon security guards who were taking turns to kick his seat with a foot when he wasn't looking, which prompted much classic Chatham lingo moaning from Danny McIntyre and much mirth amongst the security guards.

When you deal with Chathamites everyone knows that you must retain a sense of humour.

Taking them seriously is what they want.

For those who didnt, here is Danny doing his thing ;

Danny comes from Strood and his brother went to school with some blokes I know well.

Danny is one of hundreds of similar heroin addicts in Strood and Chatham.

Some days you go into Chatham and its like a post-modern George Romero film, a chav version of 'Zombies Day of the Dead', but in burberry and sports casual tracksuits shoplifted from Primark in the High Street.

The entire place is riddled with junkies, and is now known as Brown Town.

Chatham has undergone a major civic improvement lately with the renovation of the toilets in The Pentagon.

Previously using the toilet in The Pentagon was like walking into a living re-enactment of the third canvas in the triptych ' The Garden of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymous Bosch.

You would walk in the toilet and would see blood squirted up the walls from where the junkies would jack up and one occasion, I found two used syringes laying on the floor.


The junkies would get their methadone from the clinic by New Road and then walk to The Pentagon, score of the dealers in the High Street and then shoot up in The Pentagon toilets.

They would then leave their needles on the floor of the public toilets.


Most of them though arent bad people, they are just normal kids who got hooked on smack and turned into idiot junkies.

The evil ones are the ones who bring the drug into the country, the people that sell it to junkies simply to make money instead of being addicts themselves and the gangsters that are willing to kill to make vast fortunes from controlling the drugs trade.

Another group we must be prepared to resist are the Islamist linked drugs gangs such as the one revealed today in The Daily Mail ;

Afghan heroin funds the global Jihad.

Therefore heroin must be regarded as a national security issue, not simply a crime issue, and repeat offender heroin addicts must be placed under Community Security Orders.

I have been preparing a radical new Prisons and Drugs Policy for the British Freedom Party in which I will address this issue.

But in the meantime Danny from the documentary is not yet dead of an overdose just yet, though he did look totally zapped as usual.

But in Chatham, he is just one of many.

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Andraste said...

"Chatham has undergone a major civic improvement lately with the renovation of the toilets in The Pentagon."

HAHA. Fucking classic!

Brian Cosworth said...

There is only one way to deal with drug importers, islamic or otherwise. You HANG 'EM HIGH, and preferably in public.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt give this shit hole any publicity if i were you.
I also wouldnt admit i came from there either, if i were you.

The women of that area are the dredges of womenkind.
And the men? vile vile specimens.
I suppose with a few exceptions.
Any with any sense have moved away though

use your illusion said...

'drugs should be treated as a national security issue not just a crime' agreed.

extant said...

You remember how the BNP used to be when they first started, full on and no holding back.
You need to adopt this approach with sensible subjects to establish credibility.
NWO and finance for sure !!

Human beings are inherently selfish, we are not born with moral standards, love and respect; it does not come natural.

You need to remember it well.

Ie, we will be a minority in 30 years, "I dont give a fk, I have debt and a family to keep etc".

You will never take the mammal out of the Human being...

Watch this video and remember it well-


extant said...

More selfish please.

YOU , YES YOU ; YOU are going to suffer tomorrow, not in thirty fkn years