Friday, 12 November 2010

The Liberals Are The Islamist Allies

The burning of a poppy by a group of Islamists at the Remembrance Day commemoration in London was not just an insult to our war dead, it was a warning of the civil war to come.

With a phalanx of police officers ordered by their politically correct superiors to protect the Islamists as they burnt their poppy, the actions of both the police and Islamists disgraced our entire country. It was an insult to all the people who have died for Britain in wars, including the Muslims who fought for the British Empire in both World War One and World War Two and others who are fighting in the British Army today. (1) (2)

The fact that the Islamists are already targeting serving British Muslim soldiers for murder and beheadings, shows us how the Islamists intend to treat patriotic, integrated and loyal British Muslims. (3)

A face book page set up after the images of the Islamists burning the poppy called “Let’s show these poppy burning bastards how many people want them deported ”, had 500,000 members join within 24 hours.

The page was then shut down by the Dhimmi-Capitalists that run the face book site due to the racism that was expressed on the site. But the fact is that the racism and hatred that exists in our society against Muslims is due to two factors. The first factor is the fact that any criticism of any Muslims is repressed and virtually criminalised in our society whilst verbal attacks on Christians and other religions are lauded by the liberals and leftists in our society. This failure to allow a free and open debate on Islam, Islamists and Muslims has meant that all three have become conflated as one in the minds and eyes of the British public. The failure to allow us a free and open debate on Islam, Islamism and Muslims has led to the growth in racist ignorance in our society. In the name of liberal paternalism, the Liberal Elite have demanded the repression of free speech in our society for fear of ‘Muslims being ‘offended‘ by free speech, and this has created the hatred and racism in our society that is now being targeted at all Muslims instead of just the Islamists who represent a threat to all of us including moderate Muslims. The pernicious double standard in our society that ‘you can offend Christians, but not Muslims’ has led to a rise in contempt for the police, politicians and law. This Dhimmitude and liberal fascism have created a society where the failure to engage in free debate has led to real racism and hate erupting across our country directed at all Muslims. Liberalism creates Racism. Then Liberalism uses that racism to pass laws that empower liberals and liberal ideology.

Secondly the failure of the British state, the police and legal system to act against the Islamists when they undertake their disgusting actions in our streets has led to people regarding the police, courts and politicians in contempt. Instead of the police preventing such displays of hate in our streets, the police actually protect the Islamists. This is because the Islamists are being protected in our society by Liberals who use them as a way to pass ever more ‘Hate Laws‘ to repress the racism that Liberalism itself created. The police officers that physically protect the Islamists as they undertake their acts of terrorism in our streets are told to do so by the politically correct ACPO cabal that run the police. ACPO are nothing more than New Labour appointed Liberal Fascists, the para-military wing of political correctness who use the police as a mechanism to repress free speech in pur society. Those who dare try and stop the Islamists terrorising people and causing immense distress, upset and shock, are themselves arrested by the police, not ever the Islamists. Therefore peoples anger, frustration, distress and shock turns inevitably into hate for all Muslims.

Then we see how corporations like Facebook protect the Islamists by censoring any expression of public rage. Instead any sites that criticise the Islamists are shut down, whilst websites glorifying Jihad proliferate across the internet. If you say anything ’racist’ or ‘hateful’ against an Islamist then the police will arrest you. The Islamists meanwhile are allowed to express their hate all over the internet, our country and in our streets with utter impunity.

When half a million people join a face book page demanding we deport the Islamists, then those who ignore that depth of public anger are either idiots or incompetents.

On every level the Islamists and the Liberals are working together to prepare the foundations for a future civil war.

The Liberals by repressing free speech on the issue of Islamist terrorism and the responsibilities of individual Muslims as citizens of our society, are creating racism. The failure to allow people to express their anger at the actions of the Islamists is creating a massive repressed rage in our society. This will eventually lead to a backlash where people have no choice but to take direct action against the Islamists. The police by refusing to arrest the Islamists when they terrorise our society and peddle their hate in our streets are confirming that a double standard exists in our society, in that the laws of Hate Speech apply only to people who criticise minorities, but that those minorities who abuse the majority are able to act with utter impunity. The Dhimmi-Liberals are therefore preparing the future civil war with the Islamists through the stupidity.

The British Freedom Party condemns all Islamists and will pass laws to allow Judges to either execute them after a fair and open criminal trial if they are involved in terrorism or inciting terrorism, or deport them if they are involved in assisting the Islamist movement financially. At the same time we also have to deal with the idiot Liberals and other politically correct Dhimmi’s that infest the police and other public institutions. In order to ensure that integrated, patriotic British Muslims are not stuck in the middle between the Islamists and the racists whose hate is based on regarding all British Muslims as Islamists, we will ensure that we have total free speech in our society.

Those extremists who seek to conflate all British Muslims as Islamists will be exposed for the fools they are, whilst those liberals whose agenda is to remove our rights of free speech in the name of Dhimmitude and ’preventing Islamophobia’ will be regarded as what they are, which is the agents of the Islamists and treason.

Islamists will also be entitled to total free speech under a British Freedom Party government. That way when the Islamists use their right of free speech to articulate their hate in our society, we can arrest them and deport them - not for using their right of free speech, but because of their incitement and support for Islamist terrorism.

Free speech will allow us to expose the inner enemy of the Liberals, it will allow us to defuse the growing hatred in our society against all Muslims and it will allow us to identify, target and deport the Islamists themselves.

Perhaps when the Islamists who burnt the poppy have experienced what it is like to live in an Islamic society under total Sharia Law which imposes a sectarian version of Islam that regards their Islamic sect as a heresy, then they may actually come to respect free speech and democracy.

If they don’t, then who cares. They will no longer be in our country and will no longer be our problem.




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Anonymous said...

You don't get Islam Lee, you don't get it at all.

1. Muslims are not a race, anyone calling someone a racist for criticising Islam is an idiot. There is also no such thing as a racist, it is a Marxist false construct designed to brainwash the masses into meekly accepting their own demise.

2. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim and there is no such thing as an Islamic extremist. Anyone who believes in Allah and the Islamic prophet mohammed cannot, by definition, be moderate. You are committing a typical dirty kuffar act of blasphemy against the prophet mohammed, the perfect example for all time. A man who murdered, raped, tortured and mutilated human beings including abusing children. Islam spreads by the sword and he started it.

We need zero tolerance of Islam or we will share the fate of other nations whose refusal to fight Islam proved suicidal. Kosovo being the latest in a long and growing line.

The painful truth is that Islam has declared war on us and now it really is us or them there is no other way as any cursory study of Islamic history will demonstrate.


Defender of Liberty said...

You dont get it mate that there is no Islam, there are many Islams just as there is no Christianity, there are many Christianities from catholicism to protestantism.

Muslims are also not Islam, Muslims are people - good and bad,


alanorei said...

Re: Muslims, I think it comes down to those that believe the Qur'an and those that don't. It's the first group that gets all the media attention.

Re: Christians, Catholics and Protestants, this is a useful resource that is brief and to the point and puts all in context, I think.

The main reason Muslims are here is the same as when God brought judgement on ancient Israel for their disobedience to His laws. He brought in "the worst of the heathen" Ezekiel 7:24 to afflict Israel.

That's an accurate description of Islam (more accurately Mohammedanism).

It's interesting that many of these heathen came from what is now Iraq ("Erech" Genesis 10:10).

Anonymous said...

Liberals are the allies of Islamists?
You just figured this out? You scare me sometimes.

extant said...

OMG, this music is soooo beautifull :O)

Anonymous said...

Ok Lee

Show me the muslims "who are not Islam" in any Islamic country. Show me one Islamic country where the non-believer exists as equals to muslims and show me the example of a good muslim and a bad muslim.

As examples of good muslims, I give you the prophet mohammed, mohammed atta, racep erdogan, ayman al zawahiri and mohammed sidique khan.

Why? Because all of them follow the example personally set by the prophet mohammed, all of them are obeying the explict command of allah to wage war on the unbelievers. Muslims have been obeying this command since 622.What we are seeing is noting new. NOTHING.

The only people who don't get this fact are gullible kuffar who do not study Islam or Islamic history.

And your marxist relatavist comparison to the various Christian denominations also shows you do not understand the reformation. It was all about taking Christians closer to the true teachings of Christ. Name one Islamic sect (they only exist in the mind of the dirty kuffar)that has outright rejected the example set by mohammed and the explicit commands to wage war against dar al harb, the lands of war, the lands of the unbeliever.

Don't waste your time because you can't. Muslims = Islam = war against unbelievers until the world belongs to Allah. THAT is INCUMBENT on every single muslim without exception. Those who reject this ARE NOT muslms.

When will the penny drop?