Monday, 15 November 2010

The Mark Collett Tape Challenge

Anyone with a brain knew that Mark Collett would not be prosecuted for the charges made against him by Griffin and Dowson.

The fact that Griffin and Dowson edited the tape before they gave it to the police, to ensure the facts about the frauds Dowson and Griffin had been involved in which Mark had spoken about were removed from the tape, meant the case would never go ahead.

The fact that Griffin is not being prosecuted for wasting police time or tampering with evidence proves he Griffin is a state agent.

He is either working for the state or the state are protecting him as he is so incompetent they want him to remain as the BNP leader.

The fact that a whole load of witless BNP idiots believed the edited version of the tape played to them by Dowson and Griffin shows just how stupid BNP members are.

Heres my challenge - Griffin release the whole tape for the BNP members to listen too.

Instead of letting a few mugs listen to an edited version of the tape, put the whole thing on the internet for people to listen too.

But you wont will you.

Because the tape reveals how much theft has been going on in the party.

The BNP is now just a cabal of brainwashed morons and paid lackeys.

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extant said...


Collett must be one of the very few I dislike within the former BNP activists.

He is a proper liability.

I have rarely come across such a meglamaniac and infantile with such an inflated ego."its commonly known as a massive infiority complex"
If this toss is one of your front men, I will truly worry for you all.

The threats to kill were pitiful and not worth reporting..

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi T,

I think you are well aware of what I think of Collett.

The issue now is the morons that still believe anything griffin tells them.