Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kenny Smith Case - Griffin Surrenders

Apparently Griffin has given up fighing the Kenny Smith and Steve Blake case, and now has to pay between £45,000 and £60,000 in costs.

Thats the BNP insolvent then.

Thats even before the Michaele McKenzie case in a few weeks time and the Equality case judgment and the case for non-payment of debts to a ripped off printer.

But no doubt the Green Arrow and his merry band of brain dead diddymen will think its Griffins greatest victory and a sign of the genius of their Fuhrer.


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Loyal Party Member said...

Er, Lee

Arent you forgetting something?

We only pay 20% on what we owe, and thats to creditors we LIKE.

On your figures Smith and Blake get no more than £12k, and that's if there LUCKY.

That wont make the party insolvent, so whose the moron now lol?

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh my goodness me.

If this is a real comment from a real BNP member then nothing more needs to be said.

The idea the party can negotiate to only pay 20p in the £ of costs involved a court case has to be the dumbest comment I have ever had published on this blog, and I have had some corkers from the BNP trolls.


Anonymous said...

loyal bnps comment pretty much sums it all up. griffin will make him upto a regional organisers soon.

Anonymous said...

mugs for mugs.

Excalibur launch a new range of mugs for £6.50 each !!! The BNP is now taking the piss surely ?

Brian Cosworth said...

I don't think you can bankrupt a political party but you can hold its officers and members liable for debts that the party owes. Only when those individuals are unable to pay those debts can the courts order a fraction to be paid. Of course, to keep the whole affair out of court, the party can offer a percentage pay-out like 20p in the Pound, but then it is up to the plaintiff to accept, negotiate a better rate, or not accept at all. I think there is a long way to go before anyone would see the financial position of the BNP officers and members as insolvent. I would have thought that the plaintiffs would all gang up and take something akin to a class action of creditors. After all, just one annual hit of the party membership would pay half the total bill, assuming that the BNP owe some £600,000 all told, and that there are truly at least 10,000 members all paying £30 a year. To survive, the BNP must maintain not only the support (and annual subs) of its members but also the goodwill of its suppliers and I don't think that remarks like those we have just heard from "Loyal Party Member" will go far in furthering the BNP case. There is a way out of the mire for the BNP but it is going to take a very grown up attitude.

Anonymous said...

Paul Morris is scum. His day will come. Behind a keyboard, he thinks he is tough, he has no concept of real life.

Within the next month, Morris (I do all of this because nick told me to do it) will be saying sorry to everyone, only to be thrown in the gutter.