Friday, 12 November 2010

The Image that signals a civil war

That one image above is a signal that at some point there will be a civil war in this country as the Islamists turn from terrorism to militias. Those that will burn poppies, and who have no regard for our nation, people or history, will one day be prepared to burn us.

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The Sentinel said...

They are being used by the liblabcon, just as the uaf are being used.
The time for polite words and time-wasting verbiage is over.
Its war.

extant said...

There is absolutely no doubt that we heading for a full scale Civil War, in fact we are far past its infancy.

It dont matter how its baked or made,it all goes down the same way !

The trouble is that Im sure all of us except, is that the imbiciles who got us into this mess, have not lived. They are just like sanatised memory sticks, that merely have a certain information stored, they are not alive, nor do they, or ever will represent something of substance.

Me for one, I cant fkn wait, bring it on I say, it is and again, always will be the survival of the fittest.

They know full well that the only way that a Muslim will be able to function in our society is under total control, so that is why they have created a full blown dictatorship and a communist state.

Did you know that the hard line Communist China Goverment controls 28% of their economy, the Uk Goverment controls 58% of ours, now doesnt that speak volumes.

Wake up, its not happening , it is here !