Friday, 26 November 2010

Green Arrow Attacks

I wonder how much Green Arrow gets from Griffin to run his blog ?

I bet Morris is being funded by Griffin in some way to run his site to attack those he is ordered to by Captain Bligh.

The police will find it easy enough to confirm, the time when the e mails went out and when the articles went online.

It appears that when Morris isnt attacking nationalists on his site or threatening to publish the names and addresses of people who were going to support Eddy Butler, at the direct behest of Nick Griffin, he is also inciting people to e mail MEP's and give them abuse.

One wonders who Morris is really working for.

A man who attacks nationalists on his website.

A man who threatens to publish the names and addresses of nationalists on his website.

A man who seems to think inciting BNP members to issue e mail threats to an MEP is acceptable.

He acts like a red.

Therefore he is a red.

BNP rejects threat claims

9:28am Friday 26th November 2010

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THE British National Party has rejected claims its supporters have been threatening a Bolton Euro MP.

Yesterday, The Bolton News reported how Sajjad Karim, the North West Conservative MEP, had employed 24-hour security to watch over his family after receiving abusive emails. He believes BNP sympathisers were behind the verbal attacks as the emails followed his criticism of the party and the subsequent appearance of a story about him on the BNP website.

But John Walker, the BNP’s press spokesman, said: “The BNP rejects, with contempt, all attempts by Mr Karim to stir up trouble and slur our party.”

However Mr Karim said: “We now have enough evidence to prove that these emails came as a direct result of traffic from the BNP website and from blogs by employees of the party.”

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just put this on Lee's Blog

I know that you may believe that this is the wrong page for this, but I just must get this off my chest.

It has recently been brought to my attention, that Paul Morris, aka Zionist Arrow is a real sick man.
We bugged his Caravan a few weeks ago and I have the following to report.
There is 3 pictures on the back of his toilet door, Dawson, Griffin and Karl Marx. At first when we heard Paul chanting under his breath on a semi regular basis Marx, Marx, Marx, we thought he was calling his Dog(Max), but I'm afraid to say, that we now know he was actually masturbating over Karl Marx's picture.(sick degenerative bastard)
Now I must say that there has been rumours about Pauls love of Dogs in the past, but I just didnt and couldnt believe it, even knowing how creepy he is.

This is just sick and it just gets much, much worse.

On day 2 and 4 we heard him chanting Nick and Dawson at the same time (sycophant, proper), then we heard the sound of paper rustling and something else, we thought he's just wiping his bum, but further investigation and sound analysis revealed something very different.

We turned up the volume.

Omg, I can barely say it; We now have no doubt that the filthy beast was licking the pictures, both of Jim Dawson and Nick Griffin simultaneously ,whispering in a *gentile* voice to Marx, "don't worry your turn tomorrow big boy , you know you are my favourite".

Now is that fucking sick or what, thank God we didn't have the mini cam on at this time , it would have damaged us for life.

A band of Brothers I suppose, maybe male bonding; or is it sister bonding, yuck fkn sick bastard.

Stay tuned for more on Paul Morris next week :O)