Sunday, 28 November 2010

Stephen Fry and the Koran Burning Child

I wonder if stephen fry and the other lefty / liberals will burn a koran, like they re-tweeted the bomb threat, to ensure this childs prosecution is dropped by the pathetic coppers and teachers who have caused her such distress.

Thousands of tweeters repeat bombing joke in support of Paul Chambers, who lost his appeal against conviction

Twitter users angered by the conviction of a man who threatened to blow up an airport in a Twitter joke showed support for him in their thousands today, thumbing their noses at the law by republishing the words that landed him in trouble.

Paul Chambers, a 27-year-old accountant, yesterday lost his appeal against his conviction and £1,000 fine for a comment he made in jest when he was concerned that he might miss a flight to Belfast.

What a pathetic joke of a country this is where a 15 year old child can be treated worse than the Islamist filth that spit at our soldiers in our streets.

English Defence League identify school where girl 'set fire to Koran'

Nov 28 2010

A SCHOOL where a 15-year-old girl allegedly burnt a copy of the Koran could become the target of extremists.

English Defence League supporters identified the school, alongside demands for the mass burning of Islam’s holiest book in protest at the pupil’s arrest. The youngster allegedly posted a video of her setting fire to the Koran on Facebook.

The footage was reported to education chiefs and subsequently removed. She was arrested on suspcion of inciting racial hatred on November 19. A 14-year-old boy was also arrested on suspicion of making threats.

Both have since been released on police bail. Sandwell Council and West Midlands Police had asked the media not to name the school in an attempt to prevent extremists provoking trouble.

But EDL supporters ignored the request and, as well as naming the school on the internet, called for demonstrations that could lead to violence. But a senior teacher at the school said the girl did not realise what she was doing.

He said: “If she stopped to consider the fallout, and the offence it would cause to people within her own community, I honestly don’t believe she would have done it.”

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alanorei said...


Again, this is a Constitutional issue. The Qur'an is subversive to our written constitution; Magna Carta, Act of Settlement, Bill of Rights etc., which are all predicated on the Bible and Christian belief. Archbishop Stephen Langton drafted Magna Carta, for example and also compiled the chapter divisions that exist in the scripture today.

Basically the Qur'an should be treated like any piece of seditious literature. All its adherents are subversives and those of our established institutions who support them are traitors.

This really is worth making a big thing about, mate, from a legal perspective.

Adrian Peirson said...

The British people are being murdered, gangraped, sterilized, flooded and aborted out of existance, as if that is not enough, the state is deliberatly accellerating it's destruction of the faily unit using forced adoptions.

What can be worse than taking children from their parents, I know because I had it done to me, I had shared residency, lost my job and the council said the children should go back to living with their mother full time, in direct contravention of a court order which said they MUST live with me.

I sued, the Judge threw out my case, so the courts will not even defend their own orders.
Judge thinks thaty's the end of the matter.

I have one thing to say,

No Fucking Prisoners.

Forced adoptions in the UK

Adrian Peirson said...

Albert Burgess

A few yrs ago, I read an article about a chinese state 'troll' who would peruse blogs, trying to shape public opinion, apparently there were thousands of them.
The US military has recently admitted they do the same.
Albert burgess did a video showing FCO documents which showed the Govt AND Media had posted 'comments from ficticious members of the public in order to presnt a pro EEC mood in the comments sections of newspapers.

Whilst blogging, I often get the sense that that is happening quite a lot lately, recently it was on vaccine blogs, writers trying to convince readers that vaccines are safe and effectivr etc amidst growing concern by the public.

There is a guy writing on that blog, Dissing Burgess' case for treason.

If having 80% of our laws dictated by the EU, UN, WHO etc, disarming our military and wiping out the British people isn't Treaso then the question has to be asked.

What the fuck is !!!

Adrian Peirson said...

The Final Redout