Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Medical Marijuana - civilisation returns to America

They say that Britain is always a decade behind the Americans, in that when the Americans change their society we take another decade before we do the same.

America is becoming re-civilised.

The insane and criminal laws that were passed at the behest of the corporations like Dupont who wanted to use oil based products like nylon to replace natural products like hemp, are the most evil laws America have ever passed.

They were corporate fascist laws designed to profit the corporations, take away freedom and increase the power and size of the federal government whilst allowing the prison complex corporations to make billions from throwing people into prison for marijuana crimes.

Any civilisation that criminalises and imprisons the sick, the ill and the disabled who use any natural growing herb for pain relief is a criminal state, not a free society.

Finally civilisation is returning to America.

Let us hope that one day the morons that run our criminal government for the benefit of the corporations restores freedom and sanity to our society.


Arizona approves use of medical marijuana

Arizona voters have approved a measure that will legalise the use of marijuana for people with chronic or debilitating diseases.

Arizona OK for medical marijuana

Arizona is the latest state to approve the use of marijuana for medical use

4:54PM GMT 14 Nov 2010

Final vote tallies showed over the weekend that the proposal was approved by a tiny margin of 4,341 votes out of more than 1.67 million cast.

Arizona is the 15th US state to approve a medical marijuana law. California was the first in 1996, and 13 other states as well as Washington DC, have followed suit.

The Arizona measure will allow patients with diseases including cancer, HIV/Aids, Hepatitis C and any other "chronic or debilitating" disease that meets guidelines to buy marijuana every two weeks or grow plants. The patients must get a recommendation from their doctor and register with the Arizona Department of Health Services. The law allows for no more than 124 marijuana dispensaries in the state.

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