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The driver of this collapse is that America is trapped in a WAR STATE of consciousness.

After 2025 America will once again be a Union of States not a United States.

Generational Sequence

All cycles contain sequences. If American history can be viewed from a cyclic (rather than a linear perspective) then the broad cycles of American history should contain sequences within them.

Strauss and Howe propose a sequence within American cycles and document it extensively in The Fourth Turning. The sequence they propose consists the following series of stages:

* High
* Awakening
* Unraveling
* Crisis

Each of the above sequences is really a generation of roughly twenty years. The authors maintain that each cycle (or saeculum) of American history goes through these four sequential stages. They represent the seasonal rhythm of history in the four stages of:

* Growth
* Maturation
* Entropy
* Rebirth

For example, the millennial cycle which we are now going through (1946 to 2026) contains the periods of time in the above sequence:

* High (1946 - 1964)
* Awakening (1964 - 1984)
* Unraveling (1984 - 2005)
* Crisis (2005 - 2026)

Apart from providing a sequence within American cycles of history, Strauss and Howe find there is a symbolic correspondence between these generational sequences and those who inhabit the various generations.

The authors identify four key generational archetypes and suggest they get their archetypal definition by the generation they are born in.

* Prophet (Born in a High)
* Nomad (Born in Awakening)
* Unraveling (Born in Unraveling)
* Crisis (Born in Crisis)

Once being born in a particular sequence, the archetype is molded by the progression of stages this person goes through. The stages of life the authors identify are birth (childhood), young adulthood, mid-life and elder. For instance, the progression for a "prophet" would look like the following:

Prophet (Age in various sequences)

* Born in High
* Young adulthood in Awakening
* Mid-life in Unraveling
* Elder in Crisis

The authors suggest that there are "turnings" which are social moods which change each time a generational archetype enters a new constellation. In the millennial cycle, these turnings have occurred around 1946, 1964 and 1984. According to Strauss and Howe's theories, the "fourth turning" will occur around 2005.

War Phase

When a cooperative Enemy is found who can provide a guilt-free reason to go to war, the nation sends its youth to be killed in a perverse ritual. Images of restored virility and rebirth of the world predominate, and the nation returns to a new innovative phase after the sacrifice.

Since the American Revolution, deMause notes there have been four major group-fantasy cycles lasting from 36 years to 53 years in length. The approximate years for these cycles are cycle 1 1780-1830, cycle 2 1830-1866, cycle 3 1866-1919 and cycle 4 from 1920-1966. If this is so, then America is now in cycle 5 which began around the mid-60s. These fantasy cycles have been based around the major wars of American history and a broad cyclic pattern alternating between economic depression and war.

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