Thursday 23 December 2010

The Tyranny of Holocaust Museum's

A very interesting article in The Guardian about the refusal of the EU to pass laws that criminalise the Communist Holocaust, that reveals a lot more than they expected.

Note that the EU will only seek to pass laws that criminalise the extermination and murder of ethnic minorities, whilst the extermination and murder of ETHNIC MAJORITIES is not regarded as a crime or worthy of attention.

That suggests that not only are the people that run the EU mentally ill, they are also morally warped.

Evil is evil and should be regarded as such.

The fact that the EU refuses to criminalise crimes against ethnic majority groups means the EU is a threat to all of us, for by refusing to classify such crimes as crimes we are all at risk from the EU.

Secondly the article reveals the twisted morality and mental sickness of people like
Efraim Zuroff, the Nazi-hunter and director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Israel office. Note what he says here "For all the terrible crimes of the USSR, you can't compare the people who built Auschwitz with the people who liberated it. Nazi Germany would probably not have been defeated if it weren't for Russia."

So because the murderous, criminal Communist regime saved the Jews by defeating the Nazis who were persecuting Jews, that means the world should not commemorate the murders of hundreds of millions of people by Communism says Efraim Zuroff who is Jewish.

That is about as perverted and cynical as any human being can get.

To measure evil solely in relation to the suffering of ones own people, and then to seek to define the law in that context, is about as perverted as one can get.

The rise in fascism in Eastern Europe is being caused by the failure to equate Communism as an evil alongside Nazism.

The Eastern European people see the whole world in the grip of a global 'Holocaust Industry' where the plight of Jews is used by the left, liberals and Zionists to accrue wealth, power and privileges for themselves. Yet at the same time as Nazism is excoriated, Communism is rehabilitated.

They suffered under both Nazism and Communism, though a hell of a lot longer under Communism and far worse than under Nazism - yet their plight is forgotten and the plight of the Jews under Nazism promoted all the time.

This has caused the reaction we see today.

The Holocaust Industry does not care about defeating or commemorating evil, it is all about empowering a new elite - politically and economically.

The Holocaust Industry is a tool for the repression of heretical ideas, heretical belief and heretical speech.

It used to intimidate and undermine the rights of ethnic majorities in the west and to promote ethnic minorities.

The proliferation of Holocaust Museums all over the world is a sign of the conquest of those nations by a cynical, perverted ideology that sees the suffering of ethnic minorities as a crime against humanity, but the murder of hundreds of millions of ethnic majorities as irrelevant.

The Holocaust Museums are not there to commemorate the past, they are there to control the future.

The aim of Holocaust Museums is not to ensure evil is never able to repeat itself, it is to ensure evil is targeted at ethnic majorities and not ethnic minorities.

They are POLITICAL institutions designed to intimidate, coerce and undermine the cohesion of societies in order for minority groups to profit.

Every nation that opens a Holocaust Museum declares it is corrupted.

Until the Communist Holocaust is commemorated alongside the Jewish extermination of the Canaanites, the Armenian genocide, the Rwandan genocide, the Indian and Pakistan genocides during partition, the racist murders of British soldiers by the Japanese in WW2 prison camps and the ethnic murders of Palestinians by Zionists in every Holocaust Museum that shows how all human beings of all races and religions have been capable of genocide, racism and mass murder throughout history - then every Holocaust Museum should be regarded as a sinful, evil, perverted places predicated on the abuse of history for political and economic means.

EU rejects eastern states' call to outlaw denial of crimes by communist regimes

Eastern European states wanted Soviet crimes 'treated according to the same standards' as those of Nazi regimes

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* Leigh Phillips in Brussels
*, Tuesday 21 December 2010 18.15 GMT
* Article history

Soviet soldiers are seen with some of the prisoners they liberated in Auschwitz Soviet soldiers with some of the prisoners they freed at Auschwitz in January 1945. 'For all the terrible crimes of the USSR, you can't compare the people who built Auschwitz with the people who liberated it,' said Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff. Photograph: Reuters

The European commission has rejected calls from eastern Europe to introduce a so-called double genocide law that would criminalise the denial of crimes perpetrated by communist regimes, in the same way many EU countries ban the denial of the Holocaust.

Last week six countries wrote to Viviane Reding, the European justice commissioner, calling for the "public condoning, denial and gross trivialisation of totalitarian crimes" to be punished.

Foreign ministers from Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic said communist crimes "should be treated according to the same standards" as those of Nazi regimes, notably in those countries with Holocaust denial laws.

But the EU executive will say in a report due tomorrow that opinion is too divided on the matter and that there is no legal basis allowing Brussels to act.

"There is no consensus on it. The different member states have wildly differing approaches," EU justice spokesman Matthew Newman told the Guardian. He said the commission takes the issue "very seriously", but: "At this stage, the conditions to make a legislative proposal have not been met. The commission will continue to keep this matter under review."

The east European countries point to the EU's ability to make laws relating to "particularly serious" cross-border crimes and a separate EU decision permitting the crafting of rules targeting racism and xenophobia.

But the commission says neither legal instrument mentions totalitarianism and rejects the idea of double genocide. "The bottom line is, obviously, what they did was horrendous, but communist regimes did not target ethnic minorities," said Newman.

According to Lithuania, whose foreign minister leads the campaign to create a new law, the EU's understanding of genocide should be extended to include crimes against groups defined by "social status or political convictions".

Andrius Grikienis, a spokesman for Lithuania's mission to the EU, said: "During the first years of Soviet occupation, Lithuania lost more than 780,000 of its residents. 444,000 fled Lithuania or were repatriated, 275,697 were deported to the gulag or exile, 21,556 resistance fighters and their supporters were killed and 25,000 died on the front."

By comparison, he said: "More than 200,000 citizens of Jewish origin were killed by Nazis and their collaborators."

The commission is also uneasy about wading into a highly controversial area. A number of western EU countries oppose the proposal, suggesting that it is a thinly-veiled attempt at rehabilitation of domestic collaborators while antisemitism remains a live issue on the streets and in the media in the east.

On 25 November, the ambassadors to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, of seven EU states including the UK sent a letter to the country's president complaining about a newspaper article by an interior ministry historian, Petras Stankeras, that described the Holocaust as a "legend".

In the letter, they complained about how a court in May had ruled that the swastika is a "traditional Lithuanian symbol" while "spurious attempts are made to equate the uniquely evil genocide of the Jews with Soviet crimes against Lithuania, which, though great in magnitude, cannot be regarded as equivalent in either their intention or result".

Efraim Zuroff, the Nazi-hunter and director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Israel office, describes the effort by the six eastern states as a "false symmetry".

"We have no problem with a day of commemoration for communist crimes, and indeed, something should be done, but the Holocaust was a unique tragedy in history," he said.

"For all the terrible crimes of the USSR, you can't compare the people who built Auschwitz with the people who liberated it. Nazi Germany would probably not have been defeated if it weren't for Russia."

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truthonly said...

So the Jewish gulags and gas chambers and the murder of hundreds of millions were ok. Just fine.
And the Jewish communist ideaology that murdered and is murdering hundreds of millions is to be ignored as it continues to spread evil throughout the world, with its "kill whitey" poison and all that vibrant rainbow stuff eh?
You forgot to mention the 'Sonderkommando' too, Lee. The willing Jews who robbed their fellow Jews before herding them into the gas chambers.
No way are Jews going to let off or their evil hidden.
It will continue to be exposed for all time.

Defender of Liberty said...

Evil exists in all people.

The Jews are as much victims as perpetrators, as are all races and religions.

The time has come for the Holocaust to be regarded as just another example of human evil, not the embodiment of it.

Blaming the Jews for every evil is evil.

People are people, good and evil, and this is where the Holocaust Industry has perverted truth.

The time has come for the truth to be told which is that all people and races are equally evil, and the Holocaust to stop being used as a propaganda weapon against the West or whites.

Anonymous said...

Agree with what you say about the holocaust now being used for political purposes. And I'm a Zionist as you know but the hypocrisy surrounding it is nauseating.

Just to be clear though, there are no such people as "Palestinians" they are Arab refugees, many of whom have massacred 100,000 maronite Christians in the Lebanon.

If we made a museum to victims of the holocausts perpertrated by muslims, it would make all others seem like tea parties. Start with 80 million Hindus and you can go from there.



extant said...

Excellent mate, maybe youve been watching Ayn Rand. ie- the band of Brothers ;o)

Anyways, call me a reactionary, but who fancies coming Carol singing with me, tehe

Anonymous said...

A truly sickening piece of legislation. Ever get the feeling Europe's people will soon begin to reject this oppressive regime?


Adrian Peirson said...

Famous quotes about the jews, part 1 of 3