Friday 10 December 2010

The State Wins

The State always wins when it is confronted with violence.

The issue in the corporate media was the rise in students fees, now the issue is the violence, the attack on Prince Charles and the innate violence of students and student riots.

The government was under pressure, now the students are the enemies of society.

That is the legacy of the agent provocateur, state sponsored 'anarchists' and the Leftist idiots and student morons that follow them when they commit violence.

The desecration of the Cenotaph as despicable, as was the attacks on the Churchill statue.

They were the actions of either morons or extremists, either way they each deserve a public flogging.

They were attacks upon our entire society - the fact that students are being inculcated at universities into extremists, then we must address the rise of student radicalism in the context of a political threat caused and promulgated by teachers and academics.

We must therefore address the issue of student radicalism with the issue of student radicalisation by university and educational staff, academics and teachers.

Each time the students are violent, the state wins.

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Anonymous said...

There seems to be a hardline far left element to the violence. These antifa fuckwits seem to pop up quite often at these events. I wonder if they will ever be opposed using the same means they employ?

Anonymous said...

FFS Lee!

The issue is that Marxism has established hegemony in the West. Do you get the significance of this? It isn't just in unis, it is in EVERY layer of British society! Power is not wielded from the ballot box, it is all about making ideas popular in the public conscious.

That the Marxists figured this out with Mussolini and then more notably Gramsci in the thirties shows how slow we nationalists are to understand the nature of power and those who wield it.

The popularity - hegemony - of an ideology is EVERYTHING. When you have hegemony, you control the chessboard. Marxists at this moment in time control the chessboard.

Maybe one day the penny will drop with British nationalists but I'll not hold my breath.



Anonymous said...

The red who is hospital after being hit on the head by a Police officer was pictured in a Communist T-shirt.
This red could have been responsible for attacks on Nationalists so it is a good day for us.
I have always said that as many Nationalists as possible should join the Police force as possible.
In the next few years there will be plenty of oppuntunities for Nationalist Police Officers to reap abit of justice for all of those who have been attacked by the reds.