Sunday 26 December 2010

Bop It Extreme 2 High Score

Just been playing Bop It Extreme 2 and when I reached a score of 160 the machine stopped the game.

Is that the highest score you can get on the British version when you play solo ?

Anyone beaten that score ?

The American sites say that you can get to 250, but the game stopped when I hit 160 - anyone know why ?

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Anonymous said...

You need to get out more

Defender of Liberty said...

Your just jealous as you are shite at the game.

Anonymous said...

only because I get out more

Defender of Liberty said...

Thats no excuse.

The day you get over 100 is the day you can come on this blog and give it large.

When you get 160 - then you get my respect.

Anonymous said...

Does 15 count?


extant said...

lmao, Lee use the force :O)

The only ingrediant anyone ever needs is to envoke is passion ..

You must want to win, like you need food to survive or air to breath.

Give me a fever, I will find you a cure !!

Sorry mate, throw it away and get back to what you are best at ;o)