Saturday 11 December 2010

Why ?

Why has Nick Griffin chosen to try and politicise the EDL street struggle against the Islamists, and ensure that the EDL are able to be classified as a political threat, by associating the BNP with the street campaign of the EDL to confront Islamism and Dhimmitude ?

The nationalist political struggle against Islamism and Dhimmitude over the last thirty years has achieved NOTHING.

Now that the EDL are forcing the politicians to change their policies and decision making processes by making them realise that they have to listen to our demands as the majority as represented by the EDL, instead of simply obeying the commands of minority groups and acquiescing to the dictates of political correctness, the BNP wants to 'contaminate' the anti-Islamism and anti-Dhimmitude movement led by the EDL.

The EDL campaign can only be stopped if the BNP associate themselves with it and thereby contaminate the movement in the eyes of the public.

If Griffin is seen to be attempting to 'politicise' the EDL , then the police and state will take an more overt interest in the EDL.

The documentary series 'Coppers' showed an EDL demonstration where the police officer in charge of policing the event was seen giving an intelligence briefing to coppers in riot gear before they were sent out to confront the EDL.

The police officer in charge stated that the EDL was a group run by BNP and Combat 18 football hooligans.

That was a lie.

The EDL is not and never has been run by the BNP or Combat 18.

The fact that the police say such bullshit is because they have to say it in order to justify the level of surveillance on EDL activists, the intelligence gathering money spent by them and to justify their own jobs.

But now Griffin appears to want to give the police the opportunity to classify the EDL as a BNP group.


Whilst Griffin is busy making vainglorious public pronouncements that the BNP will become a street army, the fact is that not only is the BNP unable to achieve that boast, but even attempting to do so will allow the media to smear the EDL by association with the BNP.

Back off Griffin.

Lave the street struggle to the EDL.

The BNP is a political party.

The fact it is led by a political incompetent and maniacal psychopath is regrettable, but no longer my problem.

What must not happen though is that the BNP be used by Griffin to allow the state to attack the EDL.

If Griffin allows the state and media to undermine the growth of the EDL and other Free Nationalist Movements by associating the BNP with those groups, then that is of benefit only to the enemies if the nationalist movement.

Griffin should just stop talking bollocks to the mug punters that still listen to his bullshit, and run the BNP as a political party - not as an extension of his own stupidity, hubris and insanity.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, hopefully the EDL will fuck the BNP right off. The EDL are doing great without them interfering and ruining it.



Adrian Peirson said...

Gates of Vienna on EDL