Friday 10 December 2010

The Comments Have It

Perspective: 10'000 protesters, one urinates on a statue of Churchill, another desecrates the Cenotaph, both thoughtless & stupid acts, but hardly representative of the overwhelming majority of peaceful protesters.

As for a 'new political movement'. Well what do you expect?

Our jobs headed overseas in the 1980s & 1990s, now the politicians are coming back to finish the job, destroying the benefits system that kept the unemployed afloat. Remember, there are far more unemployed in the UK than there are jobs available.

And of course you have the banks. The simple truth is all Western governments have spent billions in bailing out their financial sectors, none more so than the UK & US. Banks which continue to pay huge bonuses and are still under regulated and a massive threat to the security of our nation. Its an open sore, a festering wound that has not yet been properly treated, and its making people very very angry, even if this and the other right wing papers refuse to report it.

Yet its not banks being made to pay for their mistakes, its pensioners, and single mums, police officers, teachers, the unemployed, and yes, students.

Under the facade of free market economics the rich have got richer over the past 30 years, whilst the rest of us have had to substitute our falling wages with cheap credit supplied by those same banks. Perpetuating the cycle of extraction of wealth from the lower echalons of UK society and depositing at the top.

The whole system is rigged, money has flowed out of the UK for three decades, as business has been given carte blanch to offshore our jobs and squirrel away their resulting massive profits, and then to go one further & evade taxes to the British state. Its disgusting.

And here, you are openly musing why this is happening, when I really though it should have been quite clear.

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5 minutes ago

Michael Portillo said last night that there is a danger here for the Conservatives - they are seen now as the party of riots. Miners, poll tax and now this.

This is however not only a UK issue and will not be limited to the UK. Thirty plus years of neo-liberal policy's and globalisation have eroded the living standards of many in the West. The wealthiest one percent in developed nations have seen their wealth go up whereas most have seen it stagnate and their lost wages were made up in credit - now that credit has been stopped. On top of that government support is being cut to the worst off and services slashed at and taxes raised.

The rise in inequality in developed nations is accelarating alarmingly. Some nations such as the US are having their middle class wiped out - and this is not some leftist idea - go read right wing sites such as ZeroHedge. The middle class is dying out as the wealth flows to the elites.

Until you deal with the problems that trickle up economics is causing, then you will have more of this sort of unrest. In fact one historian said on France 24 yesterday that he believes Europe and America will revert back to the pre second world war years of extremism and uprisings.

The other week I was in a city center shopping and thought all the cash machines had cracked in the cold or something - none were working and they were all cracked. The whole of the city center mind. Turns out they were all smashed to bits. That was violent protest against the property of the banks. Cameron was protested today in Leeds. Across Europe there are protests not being reported - Portugal is having very violent ones. Even in the US people are protesting in their thousands outside banks demanding jobs returned to the economy. Those very same banks have just paid their staff an early Christmas bonus.

Your analysis puts all the blame on those doing the protesting and rioting and none on the reality of the economic violence being done to millions now, in the name of saving the system.

This is not a political point I am making - it is a factual historic point. Whenever there is a massive rise in inequality at a time of suffering for most - then you get a rise in extremism. Inequality doesn't matter quite so much if most are happy and satisfied. But if jobs are not there, education is costly, welfare is paltry and the rich are seen to get richer - then you have trouble.

If the ruling elite keep trying to perpetuate this daylight robbery of the taxpayers of developed nations there WILL be some very serious consequences. They might not occur in the UK but they will occur and they could be dire for us all.

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Anonymous said...

What a load of Marxist-spun crap!

The British people - or what passes for Britons these days - HAD A CHOICE at the last election.

IN FULL KNOWLEDGE of what was being done, they voted OVERWHELMINGLY for more of the same. More immigration, more punitive taxation, more illegal wars, more Islam, more foreign aid, more white hatred, more politicians fleecing the system at will. THEY KNEW IT ALL. No doubt.

It's nothing to do with "the rich get richer, the poor poorer" it is all about the fact that Marxism is the dominant ideology in Western society and the majority have KNOWINGLY embraced it.

They're not victims, but architects of their own sorry destiny. The turkeys who willingly vote for Christmas. I for one have zero sympathy for them. They voted for what is coming - let then fucking gag on it. They wanted it, they've got it. And now the beast they nurtured is biting them and they're screaming innocence?

Not this time, not by a long chalk, they are reaping what they were DESPERATE to sow. They deserve nothing but contempt.


extant said...

It is way to late for sentiments of moderation, the only direction we are going is total eco and social colapse.We are far past the infancy of it, the Fascist scum who control our Country are so far out of reality, they will never see it, until it comes to their front door.
They wanted collectiveness and collectivness it seems they will have.

Broken Britain said...

1,000's of people leave jobs every week, or retire,or become sick or die, have gap years or find jobs abroad.
The jobs are there if you want them.