Thursday 2 December 2010

What A Wanker Griffin Is

Griffin makes me sick.

He oozes cynicism and greed.

Note the supposed 'offer' being touted around to the media below by Griffin.

Griffin knows that no MEP of any mainstream party will agree with Griffins proposal, and so the proposal was offered solely on the basis that it will not be agreed.

Therefore Griffin and the BNP will keep the money.

Instead of simply saying ' I and Andrew will donate all the backpay from the EU to the charities for old people ' what does Griffin do, he organises yet another cynical and pathetic public relations stunt to exploit the poor and elderly.


Stop pissing about and just give our elderly people the money !

Its not YOUR money Griffin and Brons, its OUR money stolen from us by the EU and given to all you useless political parasite MEP's.


You will no doubt be aware of considerable public anger over the announcement of a backdated pay rise for MEPs worth some £3,000 per year. This is particularly unacceptable in having emerged at a time when 'ordinary' people are being told by the political class to tighten their belts and made to accept growing poverty, job insecurity and savage government cuts.

I am therefore writing to you personally to ask you to put aside party differences and do the decent thing: Donate the whole of this backdated windfall to pensioners' charities in our respective constituencies to help vulnerable victims of fuel poverty survive the winter.

Last Friday I sent press statements announcing this proposal to the national media and to local newspapers in your constituency. I have told them that my offer is conditional on a total of at least a dozen British MEPs agreeing to do this. Andrew Brons MEP has already agreed to join me.

So the question that local paper editors in your constituency are now asking is whether YOU will join me helping give hundreds of pensioners a warmer, safer Christmas, or whether they will have to categorise you as one of the Europigs?

Personally I hope very much that the answer will be the former, politically, on the other hand, I have a publicity campaign ready to roll to expose those MEPs - in particular those who voted against the pay rise - who choose to pocket this money for themselves.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin

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Anonymous said...

It begs the question, does Griffen love money more than what is the right thing to do?

This would then be in line with that Zion promoter Green Maggot. Why on earth would Griffin influence the Green Maggots blog site and he openly confesses.

extant said...


Well its not quite unpersonel,but many may see this effort for you to keep it as structual critism as a good start.

Deep breath Lee; good start, at least you have made an effort. hehe

ZionistHunter said...

Paul Morris has a chat room where he is constantly talking about the rights of Irael.

He let slip that his good friend Bertie Bert is a jewish Zionist, and they continue to preach the Talmud in private rooms.

The Talmud preaches hatred against Christianity.

Anonymous said...

So Griffin's not an EU MEP pig? What does he do in the EU apart from take Europeans taxes, people that didn't even vote for him or support him politically. I bet he doesn't donate his 3k to charity. You think any respected British MEP wants to risk their reputation by adding themselves on this list next to Nick Grifin? That would be a good career move......Not

ZionistHuntertoo said...

Zionist Hunter,

You shouldnt have really let that slip mate, I was leaving the transcrips of their conversations till last.But fk it,lets get the transcrips out now.

ZionistHunter3 said...

@ ZionistHunfer, ZionistHuntertoo

Hi guys. Are we ready yet to unleash our righteousness upon the Zionist infiltrator Joseph Bielschowsky, aka The Green Arrow, aka Paul Morris? I think it may be wise to wait before realising the transcripts.

Also Mr. Reugter has provided some further very, very interesting info on Joseph Bielschowsky, aka The Green Arrow, aka Paul Morris... I will be revealing this very soon. But to give a hint it relates to Joseph Bielschowsky, aka The Green Arrow, aka Paul Morris, and his connection to CID!

More also to be revealed on Bertie Bert side-kick of Joseph Bielschowsky, aka The Green Arrow, aka Paul Morris. Bertie Bert is not as cunning as Joseph Bielschowsky, aka The Green Arrow, aka Paul Morris, and often rants his pro-Israeli, Zionist filth in their shitty Paltalk room. We have amassed info on Bertie also... this to follow shortly.

Stay tuned Goyim!

Andraste said...

@ ZionistHunters

Loving the info guys, keep it coming! ;-)

ZionistHunter3 said...

The ZionistHunters are soon to launch our Youtube channel, dedicated to exposing Joseph Bielschowsky, aka The Green Arrow, aka Paul Morris for the Zionist scum that he is.

More info to follow shortly.

ZionistHuntertoo said...

A real Nationalist 25:17.

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil Paul Morris's aka Joseph Bielschowsky's, State infaltraitors, UAF and associated Scum who deliberately seek to divide us.
Blessed is only he who, in the name of "genuine" charity and good will, shepherds the weak British people through the valley of darkness, for "only" he is truly his "brother's" keeper and the finder of our lost Indigenous children.
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy any of my Patriotic "brothers and Sisters", or any person who has past or present helped our battle for survival.

And you will soon realise and know my name represents a single act of selfless defiance and a unwavering will for unity of our people against infiltrating Sychopant looser,s when I lay my vengeance upon thee.".