Saturday 25 December 2010


The true beauty of snow,
Is its silence,
Which slips,
Betwixt gaps,
Of sky and cloud,
Feathering and fluttering,
With furious flakes,
And powerful powder shakes,
Countless in their complexity,
Biting on the groaning wind,
Until the streets that used to bustle,
Are still,
And empty,
Transforming their brute utility,
Into a sacred unity,
Where traffic becalmed, surrenders.

Only when cars and trains refrain,
From haste and chase,
Of timetables and appointments,
And the way ahead abates,
Into a myriad abandoned journeys,
Do we take the time to see,
What truly matters most to us,
Home and hearth,
And the other half,
Who awaits with warming arms,
The wanderer who returns,
White as winters heart,
And the fragile sunlight that slants,
In moments of warm lucidity,
That arrive as an epiphany,
Through the bars of empty buildings,
As strangers drift and dance,
Slipping home on unfamiliar paths.

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ZionistHuntertoo said...

The beauty and strength is in unity and real passion, to deny it is futile..

Out of the closet for 2011=

You can carry on destroying yourselv's as you battle with your conscience, real nationalists will rise above the Propaganda machine in defiance with their heads held high.

Call me what you like Joseph Sycophants , I'm real proud of it.

They are winning.
Time for poncing about and pointing at the diversions they have thrust on us is over.

Anonymous said...

Only racists like snow, if it was black like volcanic ash you wouldn't.

extant said...


Racism has been rammed down ordinary peoples throats so far and for so long,the accusation of it, now represents nothing other than freedom and direct opposition to the one party fascist oppressive and aggressive state machine.

I wear it with pride !

In contrast, the veil has now been lifted from most peoples eyes, we see nothing but disgust and shame on the slithering cretin who uses it.

You should be ashamed !

A Marxistic state ,that liberal self loathing imbeciles like you have created, is almost dead. Everyone is now aware what you are and that your selfish need for protection from Adulthood is now in the throws of rapid decay.

We now see that your desperate struggle to hold on to the fraternity you so desperately need to hide your deep seated failure as an "individual", is now completely transparent. Your pretentious charade of moralistic ideals of equality and downright lies is now grinning at every mortal.

Yet, you are welcome to hold onto the false inference of comfort through what appears to be arrogance , but we all know that you are just another bed wetter and so rightly so !.

What you witness throughout what appears to be a decay of Nationalism, is simply the calm before the storm.