Friday 17 December 2010

The End of Nationalism

The tragedy of the BNP is that the party is led by a Judas who pretends to be Jesus.

Take the EHRC court case.

Griffin earns over £120,000 per year.

Therefore as the EHRC case was taken out against him personally and three other named officers, rather than funding the case out of his own money and hiring full legal representation, Griffin chose to draft up the legal arguments himself, plot the legal strategy himself and bill the party for his own legal costs when he hired a barrister to present his arguments.

This case was the most important case in British Nationalist history.

Thanks to Griffins actions the leaders of every British Nationalist party now and in perpetuity are Trevor Phillips and John Wadhams.

Rather than fund the legal case out of his own money or using depleted BNP funds to finance a proper legal team and counsel, Griffin went into the court case dictating strategy and drafting arguments.

The fact that this led to the BNP surrendering its legal principles during the case showed how inept Griffin is.


Why fight a case and then surrender the issue mid battle ?

In any normal political party then the leadership is accountable to the members, in the BNP the members are accountable to the leader. That means the BNP is not run as a political party based on accountability and transparency, it is run on the basis of sycophancy and nepotism.

The rubbish that Griffin has been peddling to his lick spittles on the internet is frankly embarrasing.

The idea that this court decision on the contempt issue, one that the judgment makes clear the EHRC could NEVER win, and one wonders why they tried when you read the Redwing dicta, means the BNP is an ethno-nationalist party is frankly desperate and pathetic.

The BNP has gone from a political party to a pathetic cult of personality.

The BNP is no longer an racial nationalist or ethno nationalist political party, it is a civic nationalist political party as Griffin gave assurances to the EHRC that the constitutional terms in breach of the law will not be applied to members or potential members.

In other words, Griffin surrendered to the EHRC at the same time the idiot was 'fighting' the case in court.

It was the legal equivalent of going into a boxing ring to fight, and as soon as the bell for round 1 is rung, throwing the towel in.

But the fact that this court hearing ensures that the BNP will have to pay full costs in excess of fifty to a hundred thousand pounds due to Griffins negligence, has been completely forgotten by some of the Griffinite sock puppets on the internet.

The most pathetic thing of all though is that many of the nationalists still believe the lies told by Griffin and his henchmen.

Just a fortnight ago the BNP facebook site said the BNP was going to issue a private prosecution against Margaret Hodge for breaches of electoral law.

It was another lie.

The BNP simply lies and lies and lies.

And yet the members still believe them time after time after time.

That is the true tragedy of the BNP.

The BNP has gone from a nationalist political party of dedicated nationalists, to a cult of acolytes around a crook.

There is no point in discussing the BNP anymore.

It is now finished as a political party, its just that it exists as a money making scam for Griffin and his ever dwindling band of hangers on.

In the meantime the party stumbles from crisis to crisis, shedding councillors and wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds, as the membership plummets and the parties legal liabilties mount up - the more vocal the apologists are of their idiot leader.

To be frank the BNP is an embarrasment.

Griffin has destroyed the BNP in order to secure his own position.

The nationalist movement has been set back fifteen years by the actions of Griffin, whilst the court case has destroyed the whole nationalist cause in Britain.

Thanks to Griffin Ethno-Nationalism and Racial Nationalism as political ideologies in Britain are now effectively illegal.

If you set up a political party then the EHRC can take the party to court and take it assets and also imprison its leadership for contempt if it has a constitution that breaches the law.

Griffins actions ensured the EHRC got the judgement it wanted as John Wadham confirmed today.

The EHRC won the case.

The future of British Nationalism is now in the hands of Trevor Phillips.

Griffins legacy is that he was the leader of the nationalist party that allowed the EHRC to get the legal precedent it needed to criminalise racial nationalism and ethno-nationalism.

Thanks to Griffin the decades of nationalist struggle have ended with the victory of the system.

Any racial nationalist political party, like any nation, that changes its ethnic composition, changes its fundamental nature.

The BNP is no longer a vehicle for the liberation of our people.

It is a vehicle solely for the profit of Griffin.

The BNP cannot take power.

It is just taking money out of the nationalist movement that can be used to establish autonomous organisations to promote and defend nationalist interests in society.

On every level the BNP under Griffin is a liability.

Thanks to Griffin the end of nationalism is his legacy.

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Anonymous said...


I totally believe what you are saying on this site.

The problem lies in the fact that this party is run like a business i.e. how much money it can turn over.

With English council elections, Scot, Irish and Welsh assembly elections next year, the members will stay on-board for the nationalist cause, and who can blame them?

It is the brand name that most members are fighting for, NOT Nick Griffin.

Without change within the party, the nepotism will continue to live off of the membership turn over. Didn't Nick once say, "there will always be members joining the party"?

How long can Nick last as the leader, chairman, purse holder, legal advisor etc.?

My guess is that he will be replaced in 2013.

ade said...

Tells it like it is.