Saturday 4 December 2010

Motorhead for the Christmas Number 1

Beat those bankers Lemmy.

Beat them until they bleed.

Motorhead for the Christmas Number 1.

Video here ;

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extant said...

But it should be this

Andraste said...

Max Kaiser - Buy Silver and crash NWO bankers JP Morgan:

Video: Max Keiser: Crash JP Morgan - Buy Silver!

Video: Max Keiser: "Crash JP Morgan" with Silver Campaign! - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

adrian peirson said...

Wonder if they will do a song about European Genocide.

Look at South Africa, the Global multiculturalists are coming for you too.

Stop the Genocide of Europeans

How Zionists Divide and ConqEUr

Adrian Peirson said...

Massive civil unrest predicted as traffic wardens issued with PACE credentials.

Preparing for War

Adrian Peirson said...

It's not like we don't know this already but, just thought I'd post it before it's reported on the BBC 'truth' channel.

BofE involved with Money Laundering

ZionistHunter said...

Zionist and lover of Israel, Mr. Paul Morris will stoop to any level to secure his donations via his paypal account.

Morris believes he can make a living via this account.

Morris claims it costs him in excess of £150 per month on "connection fees" for his blog.

We all know that it only costs around £20 per month for a broadband connection.

Paul Coffey said...

Lee, a word to the wise.

If you want to be part of a new political party that has no baggage, then be careful what you put on here.
It may come back to bite you.

Just a thought :)

ZionistHuntertoo said...

Its official GA and his Sychophant Anal Crusaders go Global.

ROLMFAO, Its definately Corsham Anal Crusader for sure !