Friday 3 December 2010

A New Greece

As a phoenix from a pyre, I saw a new Greece,
Rising forth from the ashes of antiquity,
Aflame with a higher vision, triumphant,
Over death and the slow decay of atoms,
Athens in its intellect, Spartan in its soul.

The cynosure of its new liberty glowed constant,
As a guiding star in the dark vault of night,
Its arrows leading the lost back into the light,
Until an infant sun arose with its skylark song,
And serenaded the sky with its golden glittering.

I saw a high dark tide sweep up the Thames,
Levelling every faction before its flood,
From its waters came forth a new caste,
The Olympians of Albion, fierce and defiant,
As the old gods gathered once more to watch.

I saw a thousand petty tyrants caught in cages,
Each a trapped wild tiger, snarling for meat,
Then each man became his own magistrate,
Never again the property of any master,
As every slave was set free from the market place.

Upon the white cliffs of Dover arose a lighthouse,
Shining forth as did the Pharos in Alexandria,
To mark the rebirth of Sparta and Athens,
The legions of Albion, the Enlightened Ones,
As a gift into the darkness of the fallen world.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Mr Barns, for this is the very reason why the Sychopants hate you.
You are everything that the scum of National Politics are so desperate to be, everything they dream of, but its natural selection together with the fire that burns deep down in you that they will never be able to relate to, let alone be capable of reproducing.

You are a proper nationalist and one of the very few within the Nationalist circles that I have met, other than Brian, Jenny, Lawrence, Clive , Anthony ,Roger and a few others who has dared suggest unwavering ,unconditional ,selfless help for the British people before their own interests-

(with no strings attatched or the want for Donations or glory for doing it).

Lets just think for a while on the last sentence.