Friday 3 December 2010

No World Cup for England - GOOD

It was worth losing the world cup just bid for the following reasons ;

1) To see David Beckham, David Cameron and Prince William finally realise how it feels to not get what they want all the time. It makes one a more rounded person when has been kicked a few times, as one can them empathise with the underdog.

2) To teach the PC wankers that made the revolting 'ooh look how diverse we are' video to promote the bid that forgot to promote one thing - BRITAIN, a lesson.

3) So that we dont have to waste more billions on building sports facilities that are a total waste of money in order for the PC lickpspittle government to use sport as a way to promote multi-culturalism. Hitler used the Berlin Olympics as propaganda to promote Nazism, and the liberals use every sports event to promote multi-cultualism. It makes me want to puke every time I see some idiotic sports promotional video with the usual range of diversity subjects and kids trotted out for the camera, filmed and then dumped back into their ghetto. Black kids should not be used by white, liberal politically correct advertising executives as simply objects to be taken from their community, filmed like the subjects in some wildlife documentary for a sports promotional video, and then dumped back again in their communities when the filming is over.

4) Because I am sick and tired of sport, overpaid wanker sports stars, overpaid wanker journalists using sports stars to promote multi-culturalism, wanker politicians using sport to promote multi-culturalism and I am sick of the celebrity culture that revolves around overpaid, precious little wanker footballers and I am also sick off all the obsessed, mentally defective idiot football fans over the age of 16 who think kicking a bag of air around a pitch for 90 minutes is somehow meaningful.

If you are over 16 and football rules your life then grow up.

The day when footballers get paid less than doctors and nurses is the day we live in a moral, sane and decent society.

Until then - football is for mugs.

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alanorei said...

I too was pleased. Just as well they didn't send Posh and Kate (no disrespect to Mrs Cameron), who might have had a more appealing presence for the voters.

It is good that we will be spared all that expenditure of dosh, as you rightly point out.

I read once of a 1960s Moscow football team, from a rough working-class area of the city (evidently these existed as such then, as distinct from the city as a whole), called The Destroyers.

They were said to carry knives onto the pitch and their supporters would occupy parts of the stands behind the other team's goal mouth and spit missiles at the opposing goalkeeper from pea shooters to give their side the best possible chances at scoring.

Well, maybe their heirs and successors will have a few surprises for our Moscow-bound multi-cultis in 2018. There's always hope. I just hope we still have a British nation by then.

Adrian Peirson said...

fifa have been instrumental in multicultarilising our football teams, now I wonder if they are setting us up for WWIII.
Now we are supposed to hate Russia.
watch out for more false flag events where the blame is put on russia, China, Iran Pakistan.

Andraste said...

I was so pleased Russia got the World Cup. The video for the England campaign was disgustingly racist, there were no English people in it! That vile video was a manifestation of the sick minds of the establishment, and how they wish to eradicate the indigenous British folk from existence.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Personally I think England wins by default everytime.

Reason is simple.

Without England, there would be NO FOOTBALL.

So no matter if the ball is now mass produced in Vietnam or the best players all have funny sounding names, without ENGLAND, they would not exist.

And yes, ENGLAND, not Britain invented the game.

England is the garden of Eden and we (the royal 'we') ruined it.

On a more serious note, I knew we weren't but in true English fashion, I do dream of hosting the world's teams here. Makes it easier to shout abuse at 'em for one. Also, it would cost a fraction of what the Olympics will.

I won't lose no sleep though, for the love of God, in '66, you'd be lucky to be able to see a live international game, now you can watch live sumo wrestling at 5am, although wouldn't advise it, nightmare inducing stuff that 'sport'. So I won't miss the games, time difference should be better than when it was held in Asia.

My thruppence. BTW I'm Millwall so am used to disappointment.