Sunday 26 December 2010

The Plastic Aristocracy of a Degenerate Nation

In a degenerate nation run by money, the aristocracy are merely establishment whores.

Secretive lobbying firm that says it can get you a knighthood or peerage for as little as £3,500

By Glen Owen
Last updated at 11:36 AM on 26th December 2010

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Boasts: Mark Llwellwyn Slade claimed his company had drafted more honours nominations than anyone else when he spoke to an undercover reporter

Boasts: Mark Llwellwyn Slade claimed his company had drafted more honours nominations than anyone else when he spoke to an undercover reporter

Public figures are paying a secretive lobbying outfit to help them win honours such as OBEs, knighthoods and even peerages.

The firm – which says that its DIY honours service has been successfully used by dozens of household names – cites a success rate of more than 40 per cent, and even offers a ‘no-win, no-fee’ guarantee for some awards.

But its actions in discreetly orchestrating nominations have angered the Government, which said it was ‘monitoring’ the company. A spokesman for the Cabinet Office said: ‘We treat any potential abuse of the UK honours system very seriously.’

Awards Intelligence charges honours-chasing clients £3,000 each, plus an extra £500 if their bid is successful. Footballer Steven Gerrard (MBE) and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (CBE) are ¬mentioned in its promotional literature as ¬examples of recent recipients – although ¬neither celebrity used its services.

Speaking days before the latest New Year Honours List is announced, the company’s owner, Mark Llewellyn Slade, denied that his activities amounted to an abuse of the 650-year-old system.

But he admitted that the Government had ‘no idea’ whether the nominations they received had been prepared by his company, which says its guiding principle is the National Lottery slogan: ‘You have to be in it to win it.’

He said veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth, who remains unknighted at the age of 82 despite seven decades in showbusiness, was a good example of someone ‘who could do with our help’.

To discover how the company operates, a Mail on Sunday journalist posed as an intermediary for a ‘major business figure’ who wanted to secure himself ‘a knighthood or a peerage’.

Mr Llewellyn Slade, a public-relations expert, advised the undercover reporter that the unidentified financier could be put forward for an award by anyone, although he suggested that ‘the more prominent the proposer, the better the chances’.
Good example: Mr Llwellwyn Slade said that Bruce Forsyth, pictured here collecting his CBE, could use his firm's help in order to receive a knighthood

Good example: Mr Llwellwyn Slade said that Bruce Forsyth, pictured here collecting his CBE, could use his firm's help in order to receive a knighthood

The company would fill in a nomination form and draft at least two letters of support from third parties, which would then be sent to the Cabinet Office’s Honours and Appointments Secretariat.

Mr Llewellyn Slade suggested that the client should ‘emphasise his links to charitable activities or City fundraising’ – although he added: ‘Sometimes, if they have made enough money for the country they can be honoured simply for their services to business.’

The letters would stress that the nominee had demonstrated achievements such as ‘bringing distinction to British life and enhancing its reputation’ and ‘carrying the respect of their peers’.

Mr Llewellyn Slade boasted: ‘We have probably drafted more honours nominations than anyone else in the world.’

And, asked if the Government honours committees knew that they were receiving professionally prepared nominations, he said: ‘They have absolutely no idea that we are behind them.’

He claimed that clients included dozens of public figures who wanted to have their case for an award made confidentially because they wished the public to think they had won their honours without help.

When individuals are nominated, their names are sifted by civil servants and outside experts before going before an honours committee that makes recommendations to the Prime Minister. He then submits the names to the Queen.

Claims: Despite neither celebrity using the service, literature produced by the company mentions footballer Steven Gerrard and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones

Awards Intelligence, which includes in its promotional material a tribute from Sir Richard Branson to the work of one of its consultants, also promises to help clients to win business prizes.

It ‘guarantees to win you a minimum of two awards from 12 entries or one award from eight entries, or your money back’ and even offers a no-win, no-fee service ‘for clients who want to enter for one or maybe two awards and only pay us if they win’.

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: ‘The Cabinet Office does not endorse any service offering advice on how to make and complete an honours nomination.

‘The Cabinet Office treats any potential abuse of the UK honours system very seriously and we would take legal advice if there is any suggestion of misuse or exploitation of the UK honours system.

‘Anyone can nominate someone for an award, and anyone can receive an award, if they reach the required standard of merit or ser¬vice.

‘The Cabinet Office believes this service is unnecessary.’

When The Mail on Sunday approached Mr Llewellyn Slade for a comment, he defended his activities. ‘Our job is to increase our clients’ chances of success,’ he said.

‘I am sure the honours committees know we exist – but the more nominations they receive from good people, then the better it is for them.

‘If the Cabinet Office thought we had crossed the line in any way, then they would have said something about it. People think that they just have to sit there and wait for a call from Buckingham Palace, but they don’t. They can be more proactive.’

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: ‘This is a matter for the Cabinet Office.’
‘Our job is to increase the chances of success’

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hohne_krystel said...

Please watch and think.

Our only hope.

Rijker said...

Time to reclaim OUR land -

extant said...

The have completed what they set out to do "we will make Britain so corrupt, it will stink"

But the masses are stirring, because there is no more comfort of consumerism for the west, because the Bilderbergers/Zionists must bring the power house China that relies on us so much to its knees.

Just like no person on this Planet has ever been able to work out Capitalism so that it wont end in bust again, can only hope that Nationalism will not rise again.

What they fail everytime to realise and that realisation is without any exception, is that these conditions cause what they believe and see as Nazism.

True Nature-

One people, One Nation, One Leader ;o)