Monday 27 December 2010


I hate actors and actresses.

Their job is to play dress up and get paid for it.

Yet people take them seriously.

It is a sign of just how stupid people are and how debased our culture that anyone takes any actor or actress seriously.

I am starting a SHUT UP HELEN MIRREN Campaign.

I am sick of reading her sanctimonious luvvie bullshit plastered all over the papers where she pontificates from her luxury hotel suite about how the poor of the world need help.

Shut up you selfish hypocritical old woman.

If the rich useless arseholes of the world like Mirren, Bob Geldoff and Bono gave 99 % of their hundreds of millions away to the poor, then hundreds of millions of people could be lifted out of poverty.

Instead these arseholes lecture us all whilst living like parasites off the poor of the world.

Poverty is caused by economic inequality and actors and pop stars are as much guilty as bankers. Their vast wealth obtained for dressing up or singing silly meaningless songs disgraces human civilisation.

We need to shut up Angelina Jolie and all those others actors and actresses that go on TV and put on the crocodile tears for the latest trendy fucked up nation, cause, disaster or idiotic people that cannot build a civic society.

Its time we held footballers, actors and actresses and pop stars in the contempt and loathing they all deserve.

Only a dickhead takes anything seriously some over paid ponce who gets paid millions to play dress up says.

Stephen Fry, Bono, Geldoff and Helen Mirren are the most sanctimonious hypocrites this country has ever vomited up.

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Lex said...

Role Models -

Anonymous said...

If they shut up they can even keep the money

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with your comments Lee. People continue to elevate these people to some kind of holy status.I think i am right in saying Mirren played the Queen in one of her more recent films. The press have portrayed her as some kind of Royality figure since.

Adrian Peirson said...

Most of the newer actors in hollywood are not what they are because of any real talent, they are put there as pretty faces to fill seats, gone are the days when the public had any real discernment over real talent, most of what comes out of hollywood is mindless pap.
Just like TV, nothing educational, nothing cultural.
I swintch on the enemy transmissions of the BBC or SKY and it's usually, adverts, the fucking weather or sport.

What happened to Astronomy, physics, maths, music, history

The two main exceptions are De Niro and Pacino,

Even Richard Burton ended up playing Hollywood purely for the money, though he did admit to such.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolfe

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee. It's about time these people were brought to account.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and all of your readers.



Adrian Peirson said...

Here's something for Helen Mirren to shout about.

State sponsored child snatching

State Child Snatching

Maybe we should consider going into making money out of Children like the Govt and Business do.

What a fucked up society they have created for our children, most of the public have no idea because what is REALLY going on is hidden behind spin.

Hurry hurry hurry
Earn Mega Bucks in the UK from child snatching, all perfectly legal

the case of Marharita Caminata

Forced adoption guestbook

All I have to say is No Prisoners