Friday 3 December 2010

A special day - today racism is LEGAL against whites

Today is a very special day, one you will want to remember.

Today is when a Tory and Lib Dem government brought into law a piece of legislation that makes anti-white racism in our society lawful.

Today whites become second class citizens in Britain.

Today the Liberal Fascist State was born, a society where racism is legal as long as it against whites.

I suggest that you do the following.

When you go for a job interview you tell the interviewer that you are black and gay.

They cannot tell you that you are not black, as 'race is a social construct' not a genetic construct and you are what race you think you are.

You should also tell them you are gay.

Now the fact you havent had sex with a man doesnt mean you are not gay, you are just not a practising gay.

They cannot say ' sorry you are not gay as you havent sucked a dick for a few years'.

You just say 'I am gay' and if they say something like ' but you are married or in a relationship with a woman', you just say' So was Elton John, and he is as gay as you can get. I am not currently a practising gay in a gay relationship due to the evil homophobic nature of society which forced me to adopt heterosexuality. I am as gay as the gayest man in the whole of the gay kingdom, just that I am presently not sucking dicks'.

That should ensure you get the job.

They cannot say you are not black or that you are not gay.

Just play the game and allow them to tick their tick boxes on their government 'equality and diversity forms' and every now and then leave a CD of show tunes on the desk in your office or make a complaint of spurious racism against your bosses for not promoting you on the grounds of your race, as opposed to merit, and its your job for life.

Employers are to be allowed to discriminate in favour of women, black and disabled job candidates under controversial new laws.

Lib Dem equalities minister Lynne Featherstone insisted the shake-up announced yesterday was not about ‘political correctness’ but making the workplace fairer.

The legislation was drawn up by Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman but has been adopted by the Coalition.
Diversity: New laws will encourage employers to increase female representation in the workplace

Diversity: New laws will encourage employers to increase female representation in the workplace

Other elements of Labour’s Equality Act, including compulsory ‘gender pay audits’ for firms, have been scrapped.

But the Government’s decision to press on with so-called ‘positive action’ will alarm business leaders and Right-wing Tories.

The change in the law, designed to address under-representation of certain groups in the workplace, will enable firms to choose women, ethnic minorities or disabled people ahead of equally qualified white male, able-bodied applicants without the risk of being sued.

It will also apply to gay and transgender people. In theory, men could also be favoured in some areas where they are under-represented, such as primary teaching.
Behind plans: Harriet Harman
Hitting the headlines: From the Mail, June 2008

Behind the headlines: Harriet Harman and the Daily Mail headline from June, 2008

Miss Featherstone said the changes would give women and others a fairer deal in the workplace.

‘These plans are absolutely not about political correctness, or red tape, or quotas,’ she said.

‘It is about giving employers the choice to make their workforce more diverse.’

From April next year, employers will be allowed to start to use the measure as part of their recruitment process. Formal guidance will be published in the new year.

Ministers said they would ‘apply voluntary positive action in recruitment and promotion processes when faced with candidates of equal merit, to address under-representation in the workforce’.
Positive action: Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone has announced new laws to increase female representation in the workplace

Lynne Featherstone is the Liberal Democrat MP for the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

Born in 1951 in North London, she was educated at the independent South Hampsted high school before attending Oxford polytechnic university.

Having failed in an attempt to win the Hornsey and Wood Green seat in 1997 Ms Featherstone joined local government in 1998, sitting in the London Borough of Hackney.

At the turn of the century she was elected to the London assembly and seen by some as a potential candidate for London mayor.

In 2005 she won the Hornsey and Wood Green seat, overturning a 10,614 majority.

Charles Kennedy appointed her as a junior home affairs spokesman and she also aided Chris Huhne's unsuccessful leadership bid in 2006.

After retaining her seat at the 2010 election, she was was appointed as a junior Home Office minister with responsibility for equality.

But it emerged that when determining whether candidates are equally qualified, employers will not have to judge solely on the basis of qualifications. They will also be able to take into account ‘general ability, suitability, competence and experience’.

That will raise concerns that employers’ judgments could be highly subjective and trigger legal action for unfair discrimination by rejected candidates.

The Government’s equalities strategy said the change in the law did not mean that employers could introduce ‘quotas’ or give someone a job simply because they are female, disabled or from an ethnic minority.

But David Green, director of think-tank Civitas, said the legislation imposed ‘illiberal requirements on employers’.

‘For centuries liberals have fought for individuals to be judged on their own merits not according to their class or race,’ he said.

‘The Government is now to require employers to discriminate on grounds of “group identity”, not personal qualities.’

The equality strategy also proposed schemes to promote equality for homosexuals, such as ‘gay-friendly’ workplaces.

Ministers are also in talks over allowing same-sex couples to register civil partnerships in church, a crackdown on ‘irresponsible’ and sexualised advertising, and clothing that forces children to grow up too young.

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Anonymous said...

When i was in college, a white girl was running around trying to become College president, she was telling people she was black. She was white and just had all black friends, what was crazy was no one blinked an eye at her claims, they accepted she was black. How can an employee argue with you? How would he not know that you had a black grandmother and your major genes were white even though technically you could claim to be of "colour". Same with America, the Native American movement is growing due to white people "discovering" their Native American genetics, albeit their great great great grandmother's dog was once owned by a Native Indian, or so teh family stories claimed was true. You get the drift. No one can prove that you are not who you look like, so yes go ahead, claim you are black, if they esquire say my mother was mixed race and if they refuse you their job SUE them.

alanorei said...

It sounds like The Pink Swastika by Lively and Abrams to me, Lee.

It's some consolation that regime only lasted 12 years and I think the present one will have less than that to go.

extant said...

This is where we are all loosing big time and what you say and advise is a real Weapon.
I worked this out quite some time ago.

The last time I spoke to the Stasi Staff at Communist HQ, I informed the inapt, incompetent pig on the other end of the phone that she was dressing Prejudice ,Racism ,Homophobia and Religious intolerance as Policy and I will expose her for it. This was of course after she displayed contempt for me as soon as she knew who I was.

After this simple description, she lowered her tone and said "what do you mean ".
I said, "well, which one of my indifferences is it that displeases you, which part of my imperfections are you deliberately discriminating against" ?. Is it that I am of close Jewish Ancestry, is it because I am a practicing Muslim, or is it because I am Gay ??
She anxiously replied, "I don't know what colour you are", I replied "Now that's a Racist comment, I am going to report you".
She was completely defeated within one sentence, she was lost for words, I could feel her through the deafening silence recoiling; petrified by what she just said, desperately thinking of the unpleasantries of a full plausible explanation to what she has just muttered. That's right , at this time she was and is a racist ,she had to explain her comment and she had realised that I had the ammunition to report serious allegations!

Indirectly defeated by their own corruption, she had walked straight into a trap of no return.It may sound a simple matter, but all of a sudden, she has to explain her actions for a Racist complaint. How could she possibly explain her self with her dignity intact.
Within our ultra PC environment, this as we all know is almost impossible, just for a simple comment.

I am obviously black too, but I simply forgot to tell her.


extant said...

Wake up you selfish Wankers-

IF we could unite as a serious pressure group,from every movement, we could destroy their wicked plot, we could shut down the whole Establishment with simple words and complaints.

Only when we unite on Mass "warts and all" we will win back our dignity , our culture, our Country and control our destiny.

1. Where is the donation button for giving funds for British Pensioners within in our communities.

2. Where is the advice for reversing the terrible social experiments that British people have been subject too.

3. Where is the advice for persecution of the British middle working classes.

4. Where is the advice for the subjection of our children by the State.

5. Where is the advice for debt that most British people are battling with alone.

6. Where is the advice to unite our communities and to drive our people back to a fulfilling productive "moral" and dignifying existence.

7. Where is the drive and advice against the illegal conformity and brainwashing that has been thrusted by the propaganda machine "The Media".

8 Where is the advice and support for our troops, that's right the ordinary British people with families who are recruited as Army personal ,who are discarded, ill treated and left homeless by our filth we know as the Establishment.

9. Where is the advice for our Police to unite as a pressure group against the direct tyranny that is being pushed against their will ,to use force and intimidation against their own people.

10. Where is the advice, the same advice that Lee rightly advises nationalists and British Dissidents against the discrimination being used against our people.


As you know, I could go on and on and on.

No where to be seen from the BNP ,UKIP ,BFP or any other so called Nationalist or semi Nationalist movement.

I can now clearly see a band of Brothers from all sides fighting for their piece of control of their own people, just like the Communists and fascists routinely dish out to destroy us from within and you all just carry on doing the same, Instead of using the "PERFECT" financial and political storm to reach out to the masses, our masses by helping them at their time of crisis.

You should all be deeply ashamed,(all of you) for you look what you are and act as the band of Brothers who have deliberately engineered a further system of self gratification of tyranny against us.

Where is the drive to unite with a common cause to defeat our enemies, to unite selflessly to empower our communities and give back what they have lost.

To continuously report what we all experience, now as we all know that effects us all and the vulnerable even more" every day of our lives, is not just a deep seated insult to our intelligence, but an act of Cowardice, further subjugation and deliberate premeditated propaganda for personal gain and deep down you know it, everyone can see it and so do we !

It is down right fucking selfish, at this time you are an infliction, not a Nationalist movement, all of you !

Let us see who will go to Battle for our Communities first, only then will you will have the right to feel the rightful and moral warmth of real success and achievement .


Andraste said...

It's amazing just how dumbed down, pathetic and apathetic people have become! The establishment are pissing all over them, and even when they are losing their jobs and their families are suffering they soak up the abuse!

ZionistHuntertoo said...

A real Nationalist 25:17.

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil Paul Morris's aka Joseph Bielschowsky's, State infaltraitors, UAF and associated Scum who deliberately seek to divide us.
Blessed is only he who, in the name of "genuine" charity and good will, shepherds the weak British people through the valley of darkness, for "only" he is truly his "brother's" keeper and the finder of our lost Indigenous children.
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy any of my Patriotic "brothers and Sisters", or any person who has past or present helped our battle for survival.

And you will soon realise and know my name represents a single act of selfless defiance and a unwavering will for unity of our people against infiltrating Sychopant looser,s when I lay my vengeance upon thee.".


Anonymous said...
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