Tuesday 28 June 2011

The BNP Parrot Is Deceased

Image - " Nah mate, the parrot aint dead. Its just about to take wing, get a massive vote and take power in Britain. Look, its still twitching and groaning as it lies on the bottom of the bird cage. That proves it aint dead right ".

Sorry but the BNP parrot is now deceased.

That parrot aint gonna fly no more, as it dead.



Game over.

The vote at the GGM, based on laughable proxy votes which were the latest Griffinite scam, has ensured that the final nail in the BNP coffin was driven straight through the heart of the party.

The BNP is now a pathetic cult of personality filled with window licking morons who deserve as much respect as the fawning catamites of some oriental nabob.

The few remaining BNP members apparently do not care about those things like ;

financial transparency
comptence in office

etc etc etc

Therefore the BNP is the sum total of its parts - which is an embrassment to nationalism, democracy, politics and our nation.

The members are now like the workers in a Chinese factory, they are so stupid they think their role in nationalism is to simply rubber stamp everything Griffin does.

Just like the mental defectives they truly are, they cannot think for themselves.

They can only continue to lick the window and Griffins arse.

The internal opposition to Nick Griffin and his cabal of halfwits and crooks will not win, as unlike Griffin they play fair.

Griffin has surrounded with the pathetic historical detritus of nationalism, the perpetual political failures whose sole use to Griffin is to be paid to grovel and lick his feet.

They dont care about winning the nationalist struggle, they only care about themselves and getting PAID.

Therefore they will smear, abuse and attack their opponents until the BNP is filled with just window lickers and arse lickers and crooks on the take.

The BNP is no longer going nowhere fast, it is now going backwards at breakneck speed.

The BNP is finished.

The question for people is what comes next.

Do they continue to support The Nick Griffin Party with their time and money, or do they grow a backbone, a brain and a set of bollocks and leave the party ?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lee I believe the real rot and disruption set in after the MEP election, I voiced my concerns at the time that it could lead to potential disruption and corruption, I don't recall you having any cautious say on the matter at all.

THAT was the biggest stumbling block, the gravey train, half the fights started over who was on the gravey train and who wanted to stay on it.

As for the leader, I don't think it much matters who the leader is at this time, and not until after Labour gain power at the next election, then things will change course, the non voters will finally wake just as they are in france and the rest of Europe, it takes the right situation to get the ball rolling and that situation as bizarre as it may seem is not now, not in the UK.

Sniping from the sides trying to destroy the BNP and set up pale immitatiions is not the answer, not at all.

simply hold on to the sides as the boat goes through the rocky water regardless of Nicks abuses of power and if you walk away now the boat will go under never to return in ANY shape or form, time truly is running out and fast.