Friday 3 June 2011

This is how you win over The Kids

If nationalists want to win over teenagers - then this is how you do it ;

You organise a Hard Bass gig and have a laugh !

Hard Bass is a nationalist techno-dance music form that originated in Holland a few years ago from the Gabba Techno genre and then moved on to Russia where it evolved into Hard Bass.

Gabba was a dance genre formed by ex-skinheads who were still nationalists but who also loved hard core dance and rave music - and so they formed their own type of Techno.

The followers of Hard Bass mix speeches of nationalists and nationalist slogans into the Techno dance tracks and then pump it out at flash mobs in the streets where the Hard Bass followers gather.

Hard Bass events also allow nationalists to attend Hard Bass gigs in order to sell nationalist mechandise and propaganda to youngsters who would normally not ever bother attending any nationalist event.

Nationalists in Britain are stuck in the days of Skrewdriver - which is about as appealing as listening to skiffle music to most youngsters.

This is the sort of music which young far right nationalists listen too in clubs in Europe ;

The youngsters love the confrontational imagery, the outlaw status of the scene and the fact that everyone else hates them !

In order to capture youth, you must offer them the opportunity to rebel against authority.

Young people see nationalists as a movement for boring, reactionary old men.

They dont see any life, excitement, fun, action or intensity in just attending nationalist meetings and hearing old men speak about politics.

In order to capture youth, we must give them what they want.

Hard Bass does that.

The moment nationalists in the UK get on the mixing decks and start sampling some of the great nationalist speeches from history - such as from Oswald Mosley - and mix them to a hard core techno soundtrack, then you instantly have a muscial form that connects immediately with young people.

The door is then opened.

Nationalism will then be seen as fun and exciting, instead of old and boring - and hence we capture the youth and harness the energy, passion and committment of young people to the nationalist cause.

Nationalist Techno - give it some !

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1 comment:

Ashfield Nationalist said...

I fully agree. Especially with the Skrewdriver comment. As much as I like old punk and Oi stuff, speaking as a twenty something year old it is not appealing to many in my age group. I personally would love to hear BUF speeches with techno background. Good article.