Tuesday 28 June 2011

We have to withdraw from the global economy in certain sectors essential to our national stability and health and safety.

That means surgical equipment, weapons, drugs and other essentials must be produced in the UK by British businesses, not shipped in on the cheap.


Substandard surgical tools from Pakistan are putting UK patients at risk of potentially deadly injury and infection, BBC Panorama has found.

Faults include rough edges, steel burrs that can splinter during operations and corroded metals.

All surgical instruments have to meet regulatory standards but only one of the more than 180 NHS trusts and boards conducts rigorous tests on every tool.

Barts and the London NHS Trust reject almost 20% of tools as unsafe for use.

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Anonymous said...

I watched that programme - and I was shocked.
I was always under the impression that surgical instruments were precision tools, high value, high cost items, made in spotless hi-tech establishments in Eurpe by technicians wearing white suits.I always imagined the factories to be sterile with tiled white walls and lino flooring, humming with CNC work stations.
I was shocked to see the reality.MOST surgical instruments are made by filthy people in filthy workshops, using mediaeval tools in Pakistan.The sight of scapels, retractors and forceps lying on dirt floors crawling with insects, bare-foot workers and open sewers still sicks in my mind.

Adrian Peirson said...

It's not just the Tools, it's the Doctors too, I'm taking on 2 Professors, 3 consultant endocrinologists, the society of endocrinology, the GMC.
There are 40,000 fatal errors in uk hospitals per year.
This does NOT include errors made by Britains 30,000 GP's so you can double that figure for around 100,000 fatal medical erors per year.
That's four Jumbo jet crashes per week.
Naturally all this gets covered up and the hospital staff lie about it all.
we are being klled off in ever way possible.

Blundering hospitals kill 40000 per year

Add to that figure the 200,000 abortions and you have 1.5 million every five years.

Tell me that's an 'accident'