Tuesday 28 June 2011

Immigrant Criminals Do Not Deserve Human Rights

The vote has it ;


Human rights are the product of the social contract between citizens and the nation state.

No immigrant criminal has any right to claim human rights in our society.

Once an immigrant criminal commits a crime then citizenship should be revoked immediatly - and at that moment of revocation, they lose all rights to claim any legal aid or human rights protection.

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Anonymous said...

no one has any rights, those that have force over you control all the rights, to be observed and ignored as they see fit, to believe there are rights that you are entitled to is insane and against nature, while we may seek them for a better society the people that control these rights use them to destroy society more so than save it.

The fluffy evil nazi phoney liberal seem to turn a blind eye when the human rights of the designated hate group are violated yet scream as loud as possible like the well trrained pavlov dogs they are when they are told by the media to scream.

most of the ones constanty screaming for the human rights of certain groups do it out of sel interest alone or simply because they are puppets, their hypocracy stinks, there are countless violations that they deliberately ignore, including phoney groups set up by the elites claiming to protect peoples human rights!

the stench of hypocracy hangs over then constantly on a daily basis, they are the ones driven by pure hate, they are the biggots and the Nazis, the ones that claim to care so much for human rights.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I noticed massive multiculturalism had lead to less freedom and more abuse to individual human rights, whether one are real criminals or not.