Friday 10 June 2011

The Day Nick Griffin Signed His Own Death Warrant

The video footage of Nick Griffin storming into the meeting at the EU parliament to harrangue the people present at the meeting and Andrew Brons in particular, which took place a few weeks ago, will be remembered as the day Griffin signed his own death warrant.

Griffin storming into that meeting and scolding Andrew Brons as if he were some insolent schoolboy, was the most stupid thing Griffin could have ever done.

Andrew Brons has experienced for himself what happens when you cross Griffin in 1986 when Griffin expelled Brons from the NF.

This is why Andrew has sat so long on the fence, for he has wanted to remain in the party and try and save it for the sake of the party and the nationalist cause.

He did not promote himself or attack Griffin as he wanted to ensure a core of stability around him existed in the party as a counter balance to the perpetual frantic stupidity, power games and chaos making of Griffin.

But when Griffin came into the EU meeting and started throwing accusations and abuse at Brons knowing that he was being filmed as he did so, and not caring in the slightest that the video footage could be used to damage the party in the eyes of the members or the general public if it was leaked on to the internet, then Andrew Brons finally got the message loud and clear - and understood that the clock had started ticking and that his time in the party was almost over.

Griffin had in his eyes the look of a man about to bring the axe down on Brons neck.

If you watch the video of the event you can see Andrew's face as the penny finally drops that he was now one of the dissidents marked by Griffin for execution.


When Griffin walks in Andrew, as the true gentleman he is, is polite and considerate to Griffin.

But Griffin is immediately angry, vicious, rude and accusatory and instantly goes on the attack against Andrew making accusations against him.

At that exact moment Andrew realised that his time in the party was almost over.

Along with Butler, Edmonds, Michael Barnbrook and Richard Barnbrook and many, many others - he had joined them on the Griffin Death List, the long list of those who sooner or later would be purged or expelled from the party for daring to defy the dictates of the Fuhrer Griffin.

It was at this moment Andrew Brons knew he no longer had a choice - it was either fight for the leadership or walk away.

Thankfully he has chosen to fight.

The only person who could in reality beat Griffin was only ever Andrew Brons.

Richard Edmonds could possibly have beaten Griffin, but it was always a very long shot.

The ONLY real contender in this fight for the title was always Brons.

Only he had the support, numbers, image, experience, skill and vision to unify the party and move it out of the Griffin era and into a new era - The Brons Era.

Richard would have been a man who the party could have trusted 110 % as regards his honesty, financial probity, his committment to nationalism and his total loyalty to the party, but Richard knew that whilst he would only ever be a caretaker leader - the man the party truly needed to save it from the collapse of the Griffin era, was Andrew Brons.

With Griffin gone and Andrew Brons in charge the party can now re-brand itself.

No more will the toxic legacy of Griffins gaffes in the media hang around the parties neck like a rancid albatross.

No more will the cult of personality and nepotism that dominates the BNP and the abuse of power by the chairman to purge all dissidents be used to keep Griffin in power.

The era when the BNP was the Nick Griffin Party can now be dumped where it belongs, into the dustbin of history where all such pathetic cults of personality belong.

No one man represents the entire party, nor is the party just the property of one man.

Griffins arrogance and ego grew so large that he thought he was bigger than the BNP, in fact Griffin thought HE WAS THE BNP !

Such hubris always breeds its own nemesis.

Griffin spawned his own nemesis when he stormed into the EU meeting that day a few weeks back, when his arrogance overwhelmed his good sense.

The members now have a fundamental choice - to abase themselves before yesterdays man Nick Griffin or stand alongside Andrew Brons and build a new party capable of attaining political power in our country.

Griffin will not ever resign for the sake of the party.

The Griffin plan is to change the constitution to impose a new five year leadership so that the criminal laws on False Accounting, which have a six year time limit, can ensure that the fraud and theft he and Dowson were involved in goes outside the statutory period of limitations and he cannot be prosecuted.

Griffin must do all he can to hold onto power for five more years to ensure no-one can see the accounts until the six year 'post-Dowson' period has elapsed.

Therefore Griffin will fight as dirty as a crook must do to keep out of prison.

This is now a fight not just for the BNP, but for Griffin to save himself.

Therefore Griffin will fight as dirty as he can do - and he will be aided by his cabal of lickspittles on the payroll who fetch and carry for their masser as all such lackeys do.

Expect more attack blogs, vile smears and sock puppets to slime their way all over the internet - and the stinking trail will lead straight back to Griffin and his halfwit minions whose idea of nationalist politics is based solely on self enrichment.

But this is more than just a fight for the BNP, this is a fight for the survival of the nationalist cause.

The BNP is the biggest nationalist party in Britain.

It must not be destroyed by Griffin and nor ever again be used by those who seek through their own vanity and ego to 'own' the party for themselves.

If the BNP falls with Griffin, then we lose over three decades of work.

We do not have the time to waste another thirty years rebuilding the BNP, as by 2040 we will have become the demographic minority in our own country and cannot then take power via the ballot box.

We must take power within the next decade.

To do that then the BNP must be owned by its members and work for our people - not owned by a leader in the grip of an over inflated ego who seeks to use it as a piggy bank for their retirement fund.

No more egotists who see the party as theirs must be allowed to control the party via a cult of personality.

The party must be run solely as a meritocracy, not on the basis of feudal loyalism and nepotism.

There must be no more factionalism and power games by those asinine minions who think abasing themselves before a cult of personality equates to a political party capable of attaining victory.

No more crawlers, brown nosers and sycophants given jobs on the payroll as they suck up to Griffin - what we need is a party that in form and function is capable of attaining victory for our people.

No more nepotism, only a meritocracy.

The BNP is not the Nick Griffin Party.

It never has been.

Those who have abased themselves before the fallen idol of their ego maniac Tin Pot Fuhrer and sold out their souls, principles and our nation to him now have a final chance to redeem themselves.

The BNP can be saved.

Get out there and support Andrew Brons.

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Anonymous said...

Lee I think you will find the blame lies on both sides, Nick knew th party itself would be fighting for its life and especially so after the elections, Nick knew that many would use this situation to damage him and the party.

Many did, Nick had to be firm and stand strong, this he did, did he overdo it, missjudge some things, make more enemies than were needed, most certainly, but we needed a leader to hold what we had left together, there were no broght alternatives that we could see - Eddy Butler, and Richard Edmons etc, give me a break, Richard is a great honest person but leader he is not, he was as much to blame for the instability as the next man, as much if not more so than griffin, when Edmons started to kick up a stick about Dowson, Dowson who most of the recles or should I say destabilisers have aligned themselfs much as they (not edmons as far as i am aware) would align themselfs with the UAF if they felt it would further their grudges and hidden agendas.

Andrew Brons is superb as an elderly statesman for the party, but leader?

Brons would have caops surrending him just like griffin the secons he refused someone some EU job etc, the knifes would be out, claims that he is past it etc etc, sorry but Andrew is too nice to be a leader and i would predict chaos.

yes there is chaos now, but the stupid claim is that the chaos would cease, like hell!

the people trying to drag down the party would try harder than ever, if Nick gets his way and gets another 4 year or so then people would have to except it, and this would see many leave but a chance for the party to rebuild minus much of the kneejerk trouble makers and without Nick feeling the need to over react.

I hope Andrew continues in the BNP for as long as he wishes but he is no leader, in fact the hounds of chaos will smell the blood once Nick is gone and go to town to undermine Andrew and destroy tghe party from within.

if Nick is replaced then we need someone with fire and grit, not deplomacy, not fence sitting.

apart fromthat Lee most of your post could have been lifted direct from the UAF, with many disgusting terms that would be more suitably coined by them in an effort to destroy the image of the BNP, no surprise you use them seeing as you have already half adopted their cultural ideology.

now pull yourself together Lee, and get over it.

Defender of Liberty said...

Truth hurts eh.

Face facts.

Wake up.

I cant be kicked out of the BNP, so I can tell the truth about Griffin.

chris duncan said...

Brons is no fool, he is civilised and courteous, but that doesnt mean he hasn't carefully worked out what the score is, and who in the BNP are the real troublemakers as opposed to those who are simply troubled.

what the BNP needs above every thing else is unity, tolerance, respect for others, and good will.

If Andrew can bring that about, and he has the credentials to do it, the bnp ship will stabilise in stormy waters and sail on to calmer seas.

Ex Cllr said...

Don't think they where 'graffes' Lee.
Deliberate sabotage in my view.

Anonymous said...

The reformers exposed themselves big time in that vid.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Lee, but what about the people (never me)who have joined the ED. I think them running away, the slaging desent BNP members off is a problem?

bin laden (died since 2001)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Andrews background is as suspect as Griffins. The party needs someone new without all the Hitlerian baggage, Andrew would just be more of the same I'm afraid.

Extant said...

Check out Moron Morris lying ass licking email, lmao, at least its not a begging one for money like the last one .

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I am writing to you and just a few others to let you know about a new article that is up on our British Resistance site that you might find interesting.

You might also have noticed that our stats have been slipping, this is as a result of me not writing any articles on a regular basis for some time now. To be honest this as been as a result of the continued warfare within the nationalist movement that as disheartened us all smashing my moral.

I am sure that like me you are sick of it all, with our country collapsing around us and our freedoms vanishing all we seem to do is fight amoungst ourselves like rats in a barrel.

Hopefully the video included in the article might give you hope as it gave me when I watched it.

Please feel free to email me any time on any subject as I welcome emails from real patriots.

Here is the link to the article.

Warmest Regards

Green Arrow

Editor of The British Resistance

Anonymous said...

False Flag Racism.