Sunday 19 June 2011

Boo Got Shot and Multi-Culturalism

One of the primary tragedies of multi-culturalism has been social integration, for in the wake of multi-culturalism came the rise of racial cultural ghettoisation.

Take for instance the black community in the United States.

During the Jim Crow era and before the civil rights movement, black communities were desperate for social inclusion - yet in the wake of the victory of the civil rights era came the model of multi-culturalism imposed on American society.

Just when the black community won the legal right for social, legal and political equality, the marxist model of multi-culturalism was imposed on all of society by white leftists and liberals.

America was transformed from a single united state into a series of racially and culturally divided 'communities'.

The nation was divided into racial, religious, ethnic, sexual and religious groups each demanding cultural 'equality', legal rights and economic empowerment.

In effect the rise of Gang Culture, black on black gun crime, family breakdown, criminality, the ethos of the 'Get rich or die trying' mentality of Gangsta Culture and the money obsessed Bling Culture which have come to dominate large sections of the black community, are manifestations of the innate pernicious dynamic of multi-culturalism.

It legitimised de-integrationism and social exclusion.

Now we have a society in America more divided on the grounds of race than even before the era of slavery.

Voluntary secession from the multi-cultural society has become the model for ever more communities, who seek more and more retreat from multi-cultural areas.

Hence the rise of fashions, clothing, language, ebonics, hair styles, holidays, prison culture baggy pants, rap music, religions like the Nation of Islam, cultures etc within the black community that reject all forms of integration into mainstream White American society and culture.

Hence as multi-culturalism grew, then Boo Got Shot ;

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