Wednesday 1 June 2011

Census Company Hacked - Data Lost ?

Lockheed Martin are the company that are processing the national census data.

It may be the information on the census that has been taken - at the least it means the data is at risk of being stolen.

Monday, May 30, 2011Lockheed Martin's Hack Attack

Conspiring or incompetent, Lockheed Martin must be shown the door.

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Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Bangkok, Thailand May 31, 2011 - Lockheed Martin has claimed, and the US Department of Defense has confirmed, that the megalithic defense contractor has suffered a "cyber incident."

Lockheed Martin is claimed to be a defense contractor American national security depends on. If this private corporation really is bestowed with such a grave responsibility and it was incompetent enough to put sensitive information and systems onto the public Internet, it should immediately have such responsibilities stripped away and perhaps undergo a vigorous investigation in regards to its criminal negligence in handling sensitive state secrets. At the very least, all contracts should be canceled and new contractors immediately found - ones capable of isolating sensitive information from the public Internet.

Instead, the war profiteering corporation and the extralegal, extraterritorial global corporate-financier steering committees it is a member of, are using the attack to add to the growing call to institute increasing control over the Internet. It is yet another suspicious incident that has corporate-funded pundits calling for increased "cyber security" and lending further justification for the completely unjustified existence of government agencies like the "Department of Homeland Security."

Our politicians then parrot verbatim the think-tanks and their corporate media talking points declaring that cyber security must take center stage – not the gross incompetence of corporations that have uncontested, undue access and influence over the American tax payers' money. The next step will be increased legislation giving the government and their corporate handlers more control over how the public uses the Internet - all based on and citing incidents like Lockheed Martin's recent cyber security breach.

Defying Common Sense

Even on a personal level, private, confidential information is safest when it is kept solely on a closed system, disconnected from the Internet. Any information put on the Internet must be assumed to be at potential risk and suitable contingencies must be put in place to deal with that information falling into the wrong hands. If that information must absolutely not fall into the wrong hands, it must then be entirely isolated from the Internet.

Scientists who worked on America's most sensitive defense projects historically would live and work sequestered at research facilities. They would not bring their briefcases full of national secrets to the local cafe, ride the city buses, nor talk about such information on public telephone networks. It is hard to believe that today, such corporations, many born from these WWII and Cold War defense projects, have suddenly forgotten the value of closed, controlled systems where secret research and sensitive projects are isolated from the public in all manners.

A documentary covering the Manhattan Project. Starting at 24:45, security regarding the secret project is discussed.
The recent “hack” then is the result of at least two possibilities. First, it may be yet another attempt to scare the ignorant, uneducated masses into giving up more of their freedom and liberty for the sake of “security." "Security" being just a pretense for handing the corporate-financier elite yet another monopoly. If this is not an orchestrated event, it may just be utter incompetence. Either way, corporations like Lockheed Martin, the politicians whose leashes they hold, and the media machines that manage the public for them have outlived their usefulness. They have become as great a threat to our nation as any external enemy, either out of incompetence or unmitigated avarice.

It is time America replaced these aged, embedded parasites, obstacles of progress, sponges soaking up the brightest talent the nation has to offer and wringing it out into buckets of greedy, stagnant muck. Their missiles, warplanes, and ships are most certainly impressive, unrivaled even. But the price we have paid to procure this achievement is subservience to a despotic corporate-financier elite that has permeated and infected our government on all levels, as bad or worse than any invading foreign power could ever hope to achieve.

There may be the argument that no other corporation can do what Lockheed, or other parasitic war profiteering corporations like Boeing, Northrop, or Raytheon can do. Certainly this may be the case, but we must ask ourselves why our nation, with its vast resources, doesn't turn out annual graduate classes full of engineers, designers, rocket and nuclear scientists all capable of meeting local and national needs both civilian and military in nature. It is because the global elite have created a system so interdependent and monopolized on a global scale that only those that control it (them) can manage it and excel within it.

Americans like President Dwight Eisenhower or General Smedley Butler warned us long ago that the blurring line between corporatism and the American government was a grave threat to our nation's future. Decades later, with the nation under astronomical, mathematically inescapable debt, endless war, rotting infrastructure, and a sabotaged education system, is there any doubt that their warnings should have been heeded? Can we still heed them? We can and we must.

Throw off these corporations by boycotting and replacing them. For corporations like Lockheed Martin who we are told we “depend” on and cannot live without, their incompetence/conspiring as they bleed the American nation dry negates any benefit they supposedly grant us. In actuality, we cannot survive their continued existence.

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Anonymous said...

Why oh why is private information on databases that are connected to the web and even on internal intranet servers. It beggars belief.
Surely the ultra secret data should be sent via hard copy, in a briefcase handcuffed to an armed guards wrist. This briefcase should be treated as gold. If it needs to be uploaded and changed then the guard with the data goes to the location personally and allows the systems analyst to upload it onto a secure non internet server. This isn't rocket science.
The alternative is billions of data flying in virtually around willy nilly uploaded by every Tom Dick and Harry and sent around the globe knowing that they could and will be hacked.

I expect Wikileaks to publish the Census Data in 3 2 1.....

Anonymous said...

"cyber incident."

Yeah sure it was, this is the desentisisation that everyone(transnational) has all your info for when they publically announce that everyone(transnational)can have your info.

Its the soft roll out, a bit like the way they roll out assisted suicide, thorugh their media, including THEIR TV programs such as soaps.